April 12, 2024
LIBRA Facebook Own Cryptocurrency

LIBRA – Facebook’s Own CRYPTO Currency Launched

Social Networking Giant FACEBOOK is about to launch its own cryptocurrency until the end of 2019. To clear all the issues related to this new launch, The companies administration had a conference on Tuesday 17 June 2019.


LIBRA Facebook Own Cryptocurrency

It is now official that Facebook is about to enter into the crypto world until the end of 2019. Reports say that the administration had a conference regarding the new crypto launch in various countries and their rules.

Next Year, Till 2020 all the very own facebooks crypto services will be available to the public. Plethora of companies like VISA, Mastercard, Paypal etc are also involved with this project.

Libra – Global Coin

Venture Capitalists along with the above companies have already invested around $10 Million.

As we already know that due to a plethora of technical issues, Major banks all across the globe have already blocked the use of Cryptocurrencies like the most popular one in the market “Bitcoin”.

Meanwhile, the news from the facebook own crypto coin made a rise in the value of BITCOIN. After 2018 May, First time ever the price of bitcoin has raised to 9,000 USD.

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