June 16, 2024

About Us

Today, from gadgets, smart cars, and artificial intelligence to blockchain and space travel, we all are surrounded by technology. It has a noteworthy role in almost every industry. Every day, technology is evolving and developing at greater levels. People are more inclined toward technology-related smart products and services, and to make them more aware of technology we have started this portal. TechPru aims at technology-based news, articles, blogs, and reviews, which would develop interest among readers and keep them informed about the latest updates. TechPru is a reliable source of news on the business and innovation side of the technology industry.

TechPru covers all the startup and venture stories about mobile applications, video games, wireless networking, smartphones, tablets, and more. The site also includes the union and mergers news for several technology giants and companies. TechPru publishes many stories every hour about gadgets, consumer electronics, robotics, and gaming, thereby making sure readers would be always updated on the latest technology products. In addition to all the newsletters, the separate “How To” section presents tips on troubleshooting gadgets issues and other technology. This site contains technology-focused newsletters that are tailored daily and has links & overviews related to interesting stories in the technology domain. There are various sections for big technology giants, advanced technologies, and technology culture, hence there is something for everyone here.