LEILA – Netflix Complete Season 1 Full Leaked Online By MEDIUM

LEILA – Netflix’s latest Indian web television series has been infected with piracy. Sites like medium have been the source of this leak. Alongside a post share on MEDIUM, There are plethora other sites which shared this pirated content on the internet.

LEILA Season 1 Infected To Piracy By MEDIUM.COM

With the title “Watch Online Leila [[Season 1]] Full Episode Free” Medium has been a part of piracy sharing. Though the post is now deleted and the user account has been suspended, There has been million’s of downloads through it.

Directed ByDeepa Mehta
Produced ByNetflix
Cast Huma Qureshi, Siddharth, Rahul Khanna
Release Date14 june 2019

It yet to be noticed by MEDIUM Webmasters that the INDEXED page is not yet removed from the google search engine. Which means that the Staff of medium wants to gain traffic through this index.

LEILA Season 1 Infected To Piracy By MEDIUM.COM
LEILA Season 1 Infected To Piracy By MEDIUM.COM

A user @b9rb0e of medium shared the illegal site’s links through the medium. The official release of this Indian Tv Series was on 14 June 2019, Within a few days after the release, The piracy links were shared on medium on 15 June 2019 by this medium use.

Infected link: https://medium.com/@b9rb0e/watch-online-leila-season-1-full-episode-free-b3981abedb0a

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