April 12, 2024
Blockchain Network Explained | Concepts For Beginners

Blockchain Network Explained | Concepts For Beginners

The crypto network is completely based on the blockchain. Whenever someone starts discussions about blockchain and its concepts it seems to be like a comparison between the depth of the ocean and sky. The fact is that the blockchain concept is not that potential than it is assumed.


Blockchain Network Explained | Concepts For Beginners

Earlier were the days when we were ought to invest a percentage of our savings in the stock or shares. Now the trend has changed. A plethora of investors and fresh techies are making their investments in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and monero.

Blockchain Explained For Beginners

Some of you might already be experienced with situations where your friend/well-wisher might share some suggestions to you on investments in cryptocurrencies and being millionaires overnight.

So whatever the impact of yours on cryptocurrencies might be, Here we are intended to share the basic concepts of a blockchain network and its concepts. However, our fundamental purpose with this article is to try and gift the ability of this generation to revolutionize the virtual world as it’s miles these days. And most of the people are not the simplest “new era of the Internet”.

Every time when you’ve say crypto, Bitcoin in the one which gets pointed out. Being the father of all the cryptocurrencies it works on the blockchain technology as most crypto’s out there work.

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The concept of blockchain is quite simple. It is a distributed database which collects all the nodes of each and every bitcoin surfing out there. Blockchain is like centralization to a cryptocurrency which controls the flow of the cryptocurrency and records the data generated by each coin.

No one can change, modify or hack a blockchain. If an attempt is done, Therefore blockchain itself can notice the attempts of hacking or modifications. Thereby it collects all the previous data of each coin from the chain of transactions and records it to its distributed database.

With a chain of blocks connected to each other which is used to record each and every transaction of the coin/crypto is basically known as the blockchain.

Meanwhile, this improves the security of that particular cryptocurrency to a high end. Let’s assume that “X” sent a bitcoin to “Z” and this transaction is noted into the blockchain database of bitcoin.

This database is like an excel spreadsheet which notes the flow of bitcoins from one wallet to another. Once the transaction/data of a bitcoin is noted in the database, Blockchain makes it impossible to erase or modify that data.

No one can hack the data too! As it leads to hacking all the miners of that particular blockchain which is quite impossible. Because The hacker needs to owe a plethora of resources and the level of energy required is damn high.

With tightened security and high level of power consumption, It makes impossible for anyone to hack a blockchain network. Wrapping up, We hope that you learned something new through this post. Also, make sure to share this post on your social walls and promote us.

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