September 26, 2022
The Difference Between Marketing Writing And Technical Writing In One Small Sign

The Difference Between Marketing Writing And Technical Writing In One Small Sign

There is a whole world of difference between marketing writing and technical writing. This is because they target different audiences, have different intentions or purposes, and they involve different writing techniques.

The Difference Between Marketing Writing And Technical Writing In One Small Sign

Marketing writing mostly involves stimulating an interest in a particular product in some target audience, while technical writing, more often than not, gears towards information dissemination.

The small sign in the middle of this contrast here is the nature of the content. Inherently, all differences between marketing writing and technical writing boil down to the nature of the content. There are key pillars or areas of concern under the nature of the content that help to paint this picture more clearly.

Details Involved

Marketing writing and technical writing employ different choices of words, usage of phrases, as well as content creation strategies. The main aim of marketing writing is to come up with content that has a call of action to the readers concerning a particular product. It involves asking readers to pursue something that is directly in line with that product and often involves more of a convincing tone.

Technical writing is a whole different kettle of fish since it serves entirely different purposes than marketing writing. Most of the details largely deviate from those in marketing writing. Technical writing involves coming up with content for standard operating procedures, manuals, and user guides.

Here, the content mainly has an informative tone and serves to inform the audience and give them a sense of what particular equipment is all about. These details are starkly in contrast with those in marketing writing.


Length should equally attract some attention when looking at marketing writing and technical writing differences. Prospective customers do not have the whole day to read something so that they can buy it or get convinced to consider it. Such lengthy content would put them away. Often, marketing writing involves very small write-ups that drive the point home.

On the other hand, technical content or write-ups could even be pages long. This means that such content could even require some form of strategy to cover in entirety and also understand the detail. This is because most technical writing involves setting out operational information or instructions to follow when operating some hardware.

The Calculus Behind the Writing

The approach to the writing process is also a key aspect under the nature of writing that sets apart marketing writing and technical writing. A marketing writer focuses more on the target audience. Therefore, it is highly likely that they will focus on the audience, their likes, dislikes, as well as other important preferences. These aspects help to make the content custom and relevant in the marketing context.

Technical writing is entirely a different game. It is more of giving out comprehensive general information about some hardware. It does not factor in any preferences or likes, since it does not target anyone, and in this way makes it entirely different from marketing writing.

In summary, marketing writing differs largely from technical writing, and this mainly boils down to the nature of these two types of content. It is therefore highly worth noting looking at the key aspects of length, details involved, as well as the writing approach used in coming up with these two types of writing.


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