April 12, 2024

How To Create Intro Videos in less than 5 minutes?

A powerful intro video is one of the biggest parameters for your youtube channel’s success or failure. Since you might use that intro again and again for all your videos, it should be compelling and engaging for your audience. 

There are more than 1.9 billion Youtube users who consume around 1-billion hours of video per day. So, your intro video must be excellent so that it can stand out from your competitors’ videos. You can use a Youtube editor for making an intro or use several other tools available online.

For creating a stunning intro video, all you have to do is follow some simple steps like finding an online intro maker with a free download, choose a template of your choice, customize it with the brand logo, and then download it. You are all set with an awesome intro video.


Here are some tips on making stunning intro videos in less than 5 minutes:

Use colours that define your brand identity

Your brand identity is one of the keys to a successful intro video. You must use colours you’re your audience can relate to. It doesn’t matter if your logo is appearing late in the video. Be consistent with colours as it helps you maintain cohesion and structure across your Youtube channel. You will also make it much easier for your viewers to find you in the search feed.

Keep it short and simple

Don’t overboard with your intro videos as your audience might lose interest and might skip the main content. Just keep them short and simple, so that the main content is in the rest of your video.

Edit like a pro

There are several templates available online for making intro videos. All these make editing quite easy, and you can edit your videos as a professional does. VideoCreek is an online tool for making videos for your website, business, blog, vlog, or YouTube channel. 

Mix and match scenes

With intro making tools available online, it is quite easy to mix and match scenes from other videos. All you need to do is find a perfect template, and then you are all set to cut and paste different scenes into your videos and customize them accordingly.


All the templates available online are ready to get uploaded to YouTube the moment you are done editing. If you are using some different pre-existing software, you should use the 16×9 aspect ratio to make your intro. YouTube supports many standard video formats like MP4, MOV. But if you want to create a video of large resolutions, your created video can be up to 12 hours long.

Here are some online available intro video making tools:

Logo Focus

This is one of the best templates for people who want to introduce their brand logo in an elusive way. Users can also use a contrasting background colour to make their logo stand out in the crowd.

Logo Sketch

This intro video template was specially created for people who are in some creative field. There are many options available in the template with the help of which users can give a personal touch to the video. They can even use the paintbrush to lend lots of creativity to the video.

Load to Reveal

This is a minimalistic intro video making template that is among the most used ones. To make intro videos more compelling using this tool, the users have to choose complementary colours to go with the background and the circle and then blend it all with the logo.

Reveal Brand Tagline

With the help of this template, users can reveal their logo, tagline as well as website URLs along with some artistic effects. But they should make sure that they blend the circles with the logo by using some of their brand colours.

BIT Gaming

Users can utilize this marvellously designed 8-bit gaming intro template and create a fully customized introduction for their videos in a few minutes. It helps users create a fully customizable intro within minutes. All they have to do is upload their photos and text to their channel and leave the rest on these templates.


Using this tool, Youtubers can create their intro video in very easy steps and without much hassle. It also gives the flexibility to be used with different types of web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Moreover, users can add various elements like videos, pictures, background effects, and theme music for making your video more entertaining. 

Its main features include a user-friendly interface, numerous options for video templates, and options of saving the videos for up to 4K resolutions. It also comes equipped with a mobile app LightMV. It is very useful for those who wish to create their intro videos on the go.


This is a very useful tool that offers a very different approach to making intro videos. With this template, users get the option of splicing their content to a base video from their library and then download the same whenever required. It is very easy to use. The free download comes with a watermark option, a lot of artistic effects to improve the video quality, and high-quality HD video options, which is a paid option. 

Some of the cons of using this template are it has paid only videos (for download purpose), the cost is high ($5-$20 per video) for HD videos. It has the only option of PayPal for processing payments.

Blue Fire

This is an energetic and explosive logo that features blue flares and animations. These features can reveal your brand logo or image in a beautiful manner. It is ideal for users who are looking for making video intros, videos for websites, or branding videos, and more. For customizing this template, users have to enter their custom desired text, and they are all set.

Listed above are some of the best options available online for making exciting and remarkable intro videos. Users can select any tool depending on their requirements and budget and make incredible videos liked by viewers.

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