June 1, 2023
How To Improve Listening Skills In English PDF

How To Improve English Listening Skills Listening To Audio

Improve your English listening skills for your IELTS preparation. Learning a new language is not too easy, But is not that hard. There are a plethora of ways to improve your English listening skill.

You’ve watched a plethora of movies and spend your most time listening to English news. But trust me, You’re wasting your precious time in getting into things which you have no basis of.


English Listening Skills Practice: How To Improve Listening Skills In English PDF

In general, Most of we beginners who are yet in a learning stage watch English movies with subtitles first and then in the next play we turn off the subtitles. This might be too boring and never worked for as I spend the most time playing games.

Similarly, We practice writing what we listen. But in my case, this failed too!

So how can you improve your English listening skills? In order to improve your listening skills in the english language, you must be convenient with the methods you use. The most convenient methods which i usually use to improve my English listening skills are as follows:

#1 Download English MP3

Firstly, Grab all the MP3 content of the english language and store it on your iPod or mobile phone. Go ahead and surf the complete internet and download as many audio files as you can. There will be no limits set to this. All you need to do is to load yourself with patience and download a plethora of MP3 files.

#2 Listen English MP3

Next step is to listen to the materials which you have stored in your MP3 device. Now the thing is, Never listen to this downloaded material when you are free. Always make sure to listen English when you are in some work and which requires no proper attention to yours.

Few Works Like

  • Traveling
  • Exercising
  • Waiting

Continue this for a long time. As you already know that English is a vast language. So spend more and more time in improving your listening skills.

Note: Make sure to download real English conversations.

How Is This Hack Better Than Watching Movies For Improving English Listening SKILL?

As you listen to the real English conversations in your work time like traveling and exercising you haven’t wasted your precious time watching movies. So this hack saves your time and improves efficiency.

Download English Listening Material

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