September 27, 2023
Negative Effects Of Technology

Negative Effects Of Technology

Negative Effects Of Technology

As we talk about technology in general, we make a sweeping statement of how it has revolutionized the modern world. No doubt in this statement as technology has an impact on every single thing.

While talking about its influence we need to highlight the negative effects of technology as well. There is a good amount of evidence to accept that technology can affect our mental and physical health. To find out more information about negative effect of technology you can contact do my paper service.

More of these negative effects are because of its human use and not its innovation. Let us have a short brief overview of the negative effects that are caused by the overuse of technology.


1. Isolation:

The purpose of technology such as social media is to bring people together. The idea behind it was to connect people online as they do not have enough time in their busy schedule to meet their out of town friends.

But we can notice that rather than bringing people together it has isolated people in few cases. A 2017 study has found that adults between the 19-32 years of age who tend to spend more time on social media are more likely to develop a feeling of isolation as compared to the ones who spend little or no time.

2. Anxiety and Depression:

Overuse of technology makes a person to spend less time with his friends and family. It reduces the time for outdoor activities. Elimination of all these social and physical activities create a stress on the person. This stress leads to anxiety and depression.

The increase in anxiety and depression is also dependent on the positive and negative online interaction on social media platforms.

A person will have a lower level of anxiety if he/she had more positive interaction online. While the person having more negative interaction tend to have an increase in depression.

3. Eyestrain:

Other than psychological problems, the overuse of technology can have a negative effect on physical health as well.

Using an electronic device such as PC, tablets, smartphones, or tabletsfor a long period may lead to eyestrain. Having a blurred eye vision and dry eye are symptoms of eyestrain.

Other than affecting eyes, eyestrain may lead to pain in different parts of the body including head, shoulder, and neck.

Follow the 20-20 rule for technology use that means 20 minutes of screen time and 20 seconds of break in between.

4. Poor Posture:

Several people tend to use mobiles and computers for a long time without realizing the importance of their body posture. Sitting in an incorrect posture for too much time can lead to several health problems.

Down and forward posture that is promoted by many technologies causes a pain in the neck and spine. It means using a product by leaning forward to it and looking down the screen.

A recent study has found a correlation between the neck or upper back pain in adults and the time they spend on texting on mobile phones.

Taking care of these short terms issues of poor posture may help to reduce the risk of permanent health problems. Have short breaks and stretch your body in those breaks while working on a computer or laptop.


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