April 12, 2024
Technology-Based Navigation Software

Why Do You Need Modern Technology-Based Navigation Software As A Sailor?

Here’s a question for you,

Do you think the integration of modern technology is important in every working sector?

Well, we know all of you will say a Yes, because with the help of modern technology and professional integrations, you would be able to generate better results.

Technology-Based Navigation Software

And when we are talking about professional navigation software for sailors and seafarers, it’s a mandatory requirement.

Several companies are out there, but TimeZero Professional is one of the best professional navigation software providers, with the help of which professional sailors can fetch several benefits.

In the coming section, we will have a look at all the reasons you should invest in modern technology-based navigation software as a sailor.


Reasons Behind Getting An Modern Technology-Based Navigation Software: 

We have several reasons because of which you should integrate modern technology-based navigation software as a seafarer. Some of those reasons are as follows:

●    S-63 Charts Integration:

The first and most important reason behind using professional navigation technology is you get support for S-63 charts integration. S-63 is an international hydrographic organization standard for encrypting and securing.

With the help of this integration, you would be able to get the best possible encryption services.

●    Better Route Management:

One issue that you may face with older technologies is that you would not get better route management, and there are chances that you will lose track of your location.

But this issue does not happen with modern technology-based navigation software, as you would be able to have precise route management that will help you reach your target destinations effectively.

●    Fishing workspace:

Are you a fisherman who went to the sea frequently to do fishing or catch fish for business? If yes, then the modern technologies will help you a lot with an integration known as fishing workspace, with the help of which you can get real-time data around fish spots where you can do fishing and get the best possible results.

●    Profile View:

This is a 2D view integration with the help of which you can figure out where there are small rocks and how much is the water density.

In this way, you would be able to have a safer journey.

●    AIS Feature:

In the latest modern navigation technologies, you would be able to get AIS features that will help you a lot with your statuses, directions, locations and more. Although it is said that AIS is a bit complex to figure out, with the latest updates, the software is becoming easier to control and manage.

●    Security Cone:

If you want to know about the isolated dangers linked with your location or the movements in the sea, the Security Cone is the best feature. With the help of a security cone, you will notice a cone-like radar moving around in circles to help you figure out if there’s some danger or not.

There are many more such benefits, but the above mentioned are some of the major ones.


You must have come across why modern technology-based navigation software is essential and how it can make your journey easier. If you are looking for a safer and modern navigation integration, TimeZero Professional is the best available option.


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