September 26, 2023
The Latest on the iOs14- The 6 Best Features

The Latest on the iOs14: The 6 Best Features

Always trying to stay several steps ahead of the competition by providing what customers need, Apple has introduced the iOS 14.  There are several new features and upgrades that affect both the iPod touch and iPhone.  Best Essay Help prepared top 5 features that we are looking forward to.

  1. Translator app

The good news for people who need to communicate in a foreign language is the new translator application that was created for conversation.  After activating the app, it automatically translates what you say to the language you need.  Currently, there are 11 initial languages, which is good for a start.  The best thing is that the app works even if you are online.

  1. Enhanced recording

For people who need to record audio (interviews and dictations), there is an enhancement to Voice Memos.  Background noises and echoes can now be reduced, greatly improving the quality of important recordings.

  1. Leaked password protection

Device and app security is a very critical issue, especially regarding access to important websites.  Almost every day, someone’s personal details, including their finances, are stolen because of scammers or carelessness.

The iOS 14 will now alert the user about their passwords that may place them at risk. These may be passwords that can be easily guessed, the use of the same password in different sites, and even passwords that may have already been leaked.

  1. App organization

A common complaint among smartphone and tablet users is that it becomes difficult at times to find the app they need because of where it is stored on their device.  This is why the iOS 14 now has a way to view what you need in the App Library.  Everything is automatically listed there. It even permits access to apps without the need to click an icon on the home screen.  Furthermore, the library’s viewing options allow you to sort apps according to specific details, such as usage rate, so that users have a clearer idea of what is unnecessary and inefficient.

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  1. App clips

Another great move to save memory space is the App Clip.  Rather than downloading the whole application, only a portion of it will be stored in the gadget.  However, the whole application can be launched by just clicking the icon, directing the user to the login page.

  1. Widgets on the home screen

The last feature on our list is that widgets can now be found on the home screen (finally!). Previously, these pint-sized components were all found in just one area of the phone, unlike android phone users who could place them wherever they liked.  But now, you can place your widgets where you can easily remember and access them for quick usage.

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If you are an Apple user, or you are thinking of becoming one, it is wonderful news to know that the iOS 14 has great things in store for its loyal clients.  So stay tuned for the official website.
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