February 26, 2024
Buy UPC Codes

Why (and how) Should You Buy UPC Codes?

Every time you purchase a product from a grocery store or a shopping mall, you would have noticed the billing person scanning this Barcode and gets product information including price and charges a certain amount from you. If you have ever noticed this (obviously you would have), then you already know what UPC codes are!

Buy UPC Codes

UPC code is a 12-digit number encoded within Barcode. This is also called the GTIN 12 number.

But! You would be surprised to knowthat the purpose of Barcode or UPC code is not just limited to make billing easier. It has much more significance. If you run a business, you cannot sell your products without this code. This article helps you to understand the importance of UPC codes, why and how you should buy them!


Importance of UPC codes:

UPC code stands for Universal Product Code. As the name suggests the code is unique and universal for a product anywhere in the world. It cannot be duplicated.

UPC codes are the original format of Barcodes. They are encoded to Barcodes to convey to visual format.

Every product you buy would have different UPC codes. UPC code is the identity of a product. You should have UPC codes and barcodes labelled on the products if you are selling products both offline and online.

Amazon doesn’t allow you to be a seller unless you have valid UPC codes on every product you sell on Amazon.

In order to label Barcode, you should have purchased them from a trusted and authorized source.

How to buy UPC codes?

GS1 Barcode service is the non-profit organization that helps you get UPC codes. It demands you to purchase company prefix which can be really expensive and GS1 has various plans that allowpurchasing a different number of UPC codes as per your requirement based on the number of your products.

But! This process might cost you really high. You have to buy Prefix, UPC code and also you need to renew it periodically. It costs you a minimum of $250 to purchase a prefix and $250 to renew the codes.

Nevertheless, there is another approach where you can skip these two steps and buy valid UPC codes at a lower price.

SnapUPC is a service that helps you purchase UPC codes at cheaper rates.As GS1 provides global standard UPC, it doesn’t let you generate UPC code without prefix. But SnapUPC allows you to purchase barcodes directly at a lower price of $5 per piece. There is no renewal fee involved. Once you purchase a code, you own it for life.

SnapUPC is one of the oldest, largest and trusted sellers of UPC codes online, which has helped more than 120,000 businesses to sell more than 10 million products worldwide. You can place an order for one UPC code or in bulk (offers are available on bulk orders) in simple steps and purchase the UPC codes.

Bottom line:

UPC code is the primary identity of a product. If you want to sell products online, you cannot achieve it without UPC code. If you cannot afford high prices of GS1,SnapUPC is your one stop and trusted solution where you can get UPC codes at cheaper prices. So, visit SnapUPC and place your order.


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