February 26, 2024
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Top 7 Smartphone Games You Should Play

Games are one of those major applications which consumes most of our smartphone space nowadays. But we have noticed that a lot of companies are developing 100s of games right now, and this makes us confused about which games we should keep in our smartphones.

In case if this question arises in your mind, then this post is for you. As here we are going to talk about some of the top smartphone games you should play.

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Top Smartphone Games You Should Play

The games that we have picked in this list are listed on the basis of gaming experience, reviews, downloads, features, and other such factors.

1- Master Royale:

Master Royale

Clash Royale is a spin-off of Clash of Clans with certain elements in common with the latter, such as its characters, for instance. Also, the real-time strategy mode although it’s also combined with card collecting and tower defense. It’s yet another Supercell hit and has millions of users all over the world, playing online on its servers.

Private servers with unlimited resources.

This Master Royale is basically a Clash Royale MOD that allows us to make use of unlimited resources. In other words, here we can forget about having to pay or overcome challenges to open chests or get hold of resources. Games are played online against other players with the same advantages as us, therefore, the forces are balanced out.

These are some of the features we can find in this Clash Royale MOD APK:

  • Unlimited gems.
  • All characters are unlocked.
  • Unlimited diamonds.
  • 1v1 and 2v2 modes.
  • Progress is synced with Facebook.

In case if you want to download it, then you would be able to find the game from play store. While if you face any issues linked with it in downloading, then you can download the game from the official website of Master Royale as well.

2- Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley

It is a game where you build your farm and character, the story is placed in pelican town, where you take over your grandpa’s farm. You make your farm and it is all about growing crops and resource management.

It is an RPG video game. Based on the village, you explore caves and treasures to take but be careful about monsters. Raise a family and farms, it is filled with activities and exercises and mini-games. The pixels and graphics are also amazing.

App Details:

  • By: Chucklefish Limited
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Download: Over 10 Million

3- Mindustry:

It is a sandbox game, they provide you with tools, and you will have to use the tools to reach your goal, they are flexible and let you use them as you want.

You have to take care of the mining resources and supply lines to win. You will have to be well versed in its usage of build controls and core mechanics.

App Details:

  • By: Anuken
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Download: Over 1 Million

4- The Room:

The Room

Really good mystery games are hard to come by no matter what device you’re playing on and mobile games are notoriously full of crap, so having a really good mystery game on mobile is like finding an onion ring in your Burger King fries order.

The Room is great because it’s clear the developers didn’t phone it in to make some crappy adware. They constructed a suspenseful, atmospheric game with nearly photorealistic graphics (depending on the resolution and power of your mobile device).

On top of that, these aren’t mindless puzzles you put up with when you’re bored of doing other things. They’re intense challenges that need your full attention. It’s so well made, that you’ll probably find yourself picking up your phone instead of turning on your full-size consoles.

5- Plants VS Zombies:

Plants VS Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a classic and probably the game on this list you already have loaded on your phone. You may not have played it for a while, but you probably have it downloaded. Consider this a reminder to boot it back up.

For those of you who don’t have it downloaded and are wondering what the hell a plant could possibly do to adequately threaten a zombie, it might be more helpful to think of this game as a cross between a classic tower defense and checkers/chess.

There’s a game area with a bunch of squares, you use different types of plants to fight different zombies, and you’re trying to defend your home base from an attack with stationary turrets. For a mobile game, it’s surprisingly deep.

6- Rebuild:

Turn-based strategy only appeals to us on a macro scale. That is, we can only really play them when we’re dealing with turns that make sense.

Lining up face to face with enemies and letting each other take turns whaling on each other doesn’t make sense. Using rounds to manage the development of civilization does. Rebuild follows the latter, having the player set up, sustain, and expand a small (but growing) community of zombie apocalypse survivors.

It’s a more blown-out view of the zombie apocalypse than we usually get, but we’re happy for the new angle.

7- 911 Operator:

911 Operator

911 Operator isn’t a game so much as it is a simulation. It’s an attempt to faithfully recreate the everyday experiences of operators all over the country as they try and juggle calls from anyone and everyone.

You’ll have bored kids, people who are terrified of the masked bandit outside their window (who’s just a raccoon), neighbors who are sure rap music in a garage is a sign of satanism, and multi-car accidents where people are in as many pieces as the cars.

It can be overwhelming, to say the least. Maybe this will build up a bit of sympathy for the poor souls who have to corral these calls in real life.


Want to get the best smartphone game suggestions? If yes, then this post has everything you need to know about. With the help of which you can pick the most appropriate option for you.


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