July 25, 2024
"PrimeVideo Premium Cookies" Get Amazon Prime Premium Account Free

“PrimeVideo Premium Cookies” Get Amazon Prime Premium Account Free

PrimeVideos and edit this cookie make it easy to hack amazon prime hack. Using Amazon prime video cookies hack one have access to premium content hosted on prime video. A plethora of Tv Shows, Movies and web series can be streamed for free in HD.


Amazon Prime Video Premium Cookie

Most of you might not know about the cookie hack, Don’t you? If you’re aren’t aware of a cookie then probably you must know it. A cookie is a piece of a text file which contains all the login information connected with the database of a site.

Using a cookie one can access the login without knowing the username, email or password. Which means that Cookies are the alternatives to login. A cookie can be injected using few tools available as an add-on for your default browser.

Netflix Premium Accounts

Amazon Prime Cookies makes it easier and to skip collecting the login information. But the major drawback of using a cookie is that you cannot edit the account information and change the user password. As some sites need to verify the email and changes made.

Get Amazon Prime Premium Account For Free

Using the cookie share on this page, One can easily access amazon prime premium account for free. To upload these cookies there are few requirements like you need a Chrome Browser on PC along with few extensions like Edit This Cookie.

Download Amazon PrimeVideo Cookie

How To Install Prime Video Cookie?

  • Firstly open chrome browser and install Edit this cookie extension
  • Then Go to the official PrimeVideo Site and let the webpage load completely
  • Now click on edit this cookie extension and on the 5th icon of its header, Replace the cookie with the one you have downloaded above
  • Then click on the green mark to upload it and refresh/reload the webpage
  • There you go, Now that you can enjoy prime video premium content for free

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