May 30, 2024
Fix Authorization Network Error & Install Call Of Duty Mobile *COD Mobile*

Fix Authorization Network Error & Install Call Of Duty Mobile *COD Mobile*

Here is the quick guide on installing Call Of Duty Mobile on Asus Zefone Max Pro M2. This installation fixes authorization error and other network errors in this model. The complete installation process will be done offline, So before we get started too, make sure to owe all the OBB and APK files.

Install Call Of Duty Mobile & Fix Authorization Error, Fix COD Mobile Network Error

Most users have complained about the login error which is caused due to the network. Tough your device is from any manufacturer of any model. All those network errors can be fixed following the below steps.

Step1: Firstly make sure to owe all the game files. If you don’t, then download the COD Mobile files here. COD mobile APK | COD Mobile Obb | Extractor.

Step2: Firstly install the Extractor Apk to your Android device. Then Go ahead to the downloads location again and install the APK file of Call of Duty Mobile. Once done installing these two apps then go ahead to step3.

Step3: Then select the OBB File and click to extract it. Choose the location /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb then click on OK to extract all the files there.

Step4: Once the extraction process in done, Then go ahead to APPs and then open the Game File of COD mobile.

Step5: Accept all the permissions requested by the game and let it load for a few couple of minutes. Then choose the Guest mode or Use Facebook to login in. If you prone to a Network error, Then simply turn off wifi and let the resources load the game.

Step6:  Now turn on wifi and there you go, You can now play the game without any network errors.

Wrapping UP, This was a small guide on installing Call of duty mobile without any network errors. Hope you found this guide working on your device. If so then make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do not forget to share this post on your social walls to promote us.

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