April 12, 2024
Five Virtual Online Fitness Classes, You Can Try Out While At Home.

Five Virtual Online Fitness Classes, You Can Try Out While At Home.

Five Virtual Online Fitness Classes, You Can Try Out While At Home.

When the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide, many social gatherings and functions ceased as a measure to control the spread of this deadly disease. Fitness centers and gyms were not left out during this lockdown period. Keeping healthy and fit both mentally and physically is essential to most of us. Most people who don’t have access to private gyms or gym paraphernalia have nowhere to exercise or work out, and as a result, they may lose track of their fitness goals. What can you do now that you spend your days at home? How can you lose that belly or get that killer athletic physique you’ve always wanted? Do not despair; you can fins solution articles on Thesis Rush. The following are five online programs you can try out from the comfort of your home:

  1. Planet Fitness

The countrywide chain of physical exercise trainers, Planet Fitness, offers free virtual classes via the internet every day for anyone who is stuck at home daily. If you wish to continue with your daily workout routine, you should try out Planet Fitness. With their wide range of instructors, there is a little something to reap for all kinds of participants and students. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, expert, or somewhere in-between, there is a suitable type of exercise for you. On top of that, they offer free services meaning that you don’t have to pay even a single cent to join their program. Their routines include 20-minute workout classes shared online and through Livestream.

  1. YMCA Live Workouts.

It is also another fantastic platform that offers all kinds of training programs ranging from body and mind fitness, kids’ fitness, cycling, etc. These virtual classes have four categories of virtual “studios,” covering everything for their different groups of trainees. Nation-wide, the YMCAs provide these services in various regions, ensuring that everybody has a chance. Different areas may differ slightly, but the numerous instructors and specialists will help you get the best out of the program while you work out from home. The COVID19 pandemic may be here for an extended period, but this organization has thought about your physical and mental well-being. You can still have those abs or look like the Rock if you sign up with them and follow the latter’s classes. And oh! It’s free.

  1. The Bar Method.

Do you specialize in bodyweight workout? Intense workouts? You want to burn those calories and have a healthy athletic or muscular body? You should join The Bar Method, which is a fitness platform and studio for exactly the workouts named above. Due to social distancing, this platform offers Livestream classes for you to follow along from home. Workouts vary between 15 minutes to 1 hour and include upper body, warmups, standing and seating exercises, etc. Sign up with them and get up to fourteen days of free sessions today. After this period elapses, you will still get the chance to subscribe to the classes in pocket-friendly subscription fees. Trust me; the results will be worth the price.

  1. Spirit of the Lake Yoga.

This well-being and fitness center based in Minnesota offers dozens of yoga classes weekly free of charge with the frequency of up to 3 times in a day. The online virtual courses are accessible via your smartphones or computers at no extra cost. How amazing is that? You do not need any subscription to get started. You can join this program today and reap off benefits like mental and physical fitness, among many others.

  1. The Cycling Yogi.

If you wish to work on your flexibility and muscles for strength, the cycling Yogi, situated in Colorado, is the place for you. Hybrid classes ensure that you reap out the most you can and develop your physique and peace of mind. You can check out the types of programs they offer and sign up for their virtual sessions.

There are other online resources you can opt for that have the same benefits as the above mentioned. They include:

  • Live Pilates classes,
  • SELF YouTube channel,
  • CorePower Yoga on Demand,
  • Yoga with Adrienne, a YouTube channel and,
  • NordicTrack with iFit Workouts.


However, if you cannot access these online training programs and exercises, you can opt for creating your flow from the moves or skills you acquired elsewhere, like the Gym or workout videos. The goal is to work out and be in shape or get to your fitness goals, whichever way works.


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