May 30, 2024
Custom Handle Boxes

Features Of Perfectly Prepared Custom Handle Boxes

Custom handle boxes are made for different purposes. They can package products like food items, desserts, ceramics, decoration pieces, etc. Handle boxes are very easy to carry from one place to another because of the handle on top of these boxes. Each handle box is available in all shapes, styles, designs, and sizes based on the buyers’ needs. A high-quality print technique makes these boxes look attractive and unique and can easily captivate customers. Cardboard handle boxes provide space for all small to medium-sized products such as cosmetics, clothing items, packaged foods gift packaging, etc. Easy grip handles with a wide range of personalized designs enable easy transportation from one place to another.


Custom Handle Boxes

What Are Wholesale Handle Boxes?

Custom boxes with handles are popular all over the world and are used on different occasions for different purposes. Moreover, people use them as gifts. Wholesale handle boxes are becoming increasingly popular today. As a result, manufacturers are trying to create packaging designs that are unique, protective, and eye-catching to make their custom handle packaging box design stand out. More than simple and creative product casing is needed to sell your cardboard handle boxes you need custom packaging options.

Moreover, custom boxes are the most effective way to present your products in the retail market and online. Cardboard handle boxes are attractive and protective for the products inside the box. Sometimes, brands need clarification about handle boxes and how to design a box with handle for wholesale packaging. The following are some attractive ways to create premium quality wholesale handle box packaging for your brand, such as:

Safety Feature For Elegant Items

Custom handle boxes can be made in various styles. The thickness of the boxes protects the contents inside the boxes. The level of different flutes is always relative to the fragile product. Breakable items like jewelry, glass, electronic products, and many more are packed in soft, cushiony boxes. It prevents them from rolling around or becoming damaged during the shipment of your packaging.

Custom Handle Boxes: Unique Packaging

Handle boxes have different unique packaging styles. Your competitors may not consider it. This is the golden chance to grow the business fast and boost the branding. You can make the boxes according to the demand, concept, and ideas of your customers. They can be able to stand out in the market from the competitors.

How to take your business one step ahead with a handle box? With the customization of boxes, you can go ahead of your rivals. You can print cartoons or related other things on the packaging so children attract or love the products which may help to increase sales.

Versatile Customization Options

Printing on durable packaging products with high-quality inks is essential for packaging items. Boxes are printed with the highest-quality ink. Many different things can be safely packed and transported in boxes with the help of these handles. The cardboard handle boxes make them both stylish and creative. You can create special custom wholesale handle boxes that serve your packaging needs by using printing methods.

Custom Handle Boxes Design For Fast Food

Food takeout boxes from Chinese restaurants, pizza shops, and bakeries. Because of their customizable printing possibilities, these flip top boxes wholesale are suitable for displaying and transporting merchandise. A quality handle box packaging with handles fits perfectly with pastries, tiny cookies, and tarts. Bakeries use wholesale handle boxes to spread their name and brand. Chocolate bars or other food items are an amazing way to make someone happy, and attractive with gift wrap packaging.

Make Them Stylish

Don’t you want to attract customers to your product using custom handle boxes wholesale? For this, you must make them look stylish with add-ons. Good custom box companies include these add-ons in their package for custom boxes. If you can’t decide what add-ons you should pick out for your boxes then let us help you with that

  • Hot stamping is a process in which a metallic layer is stamped on the edge of boxes. It may be useful for you to insert it in your boxes.
  • You can also go for embossing to have a raised layer of your logo or artwork.
  • A die-cut also grants it an exceptional appearance.
  • You can also use ribbon if you want to use it as wrapping for a gift.


Custom handle boxes are a fantastic packaging solution for businesses of all sizes. When crafting handle boxes, it is essential to consider the material, size, shape, design, and durability of these boxes. Considering these features, you can create handle boxes that meet customers’ specific needs and provide them with convenience.


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