January 27, 2023

Use Technology to Scale Your Presense on Facebook Using Data

In 2020, Facebook is still the number one social media platform, for millions of users use it. Not just that, the platform has seen growing popularity since acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp, allowing integrations and other functionalities to enhance user experience.

But to tap into this large audience group, it is vital to share content and get it in front of the target audience. The best part of Facebook is organic reach, which is the number of people who see your content without any paid distribution. It includes those users as well who are shown your posts on their newsfeed.

But while traditional marketing methods are already being used by many, the use of insights, analytics, and data to gain valuable inputs is one of the best ways to scale your presence on Facebook. Let us explore how you can use technology and data to scale your presence and reach a broader audience on Facebook.

Track when to post

Content is the driving force for generating the right responses and getting high visibility. But how does excellent content help if your key audience is missing it?

Since every Facebook user gets tons of posts on their newsfeed, which gets updated in a matter of seconds, it is easy for them to miss out or not even know you’ve posted. Thus, for higher visibility, you should be posting when your audience is online and active.

Understand when your audience in online using Facebook’s analytical tools to determine the right strategy to post. Use the tool to check which are the top days and times when your posts tend to get a higher success rate.

While you are analyzing this, make sure you also keep in mind the target audience, especially if you are targeting people from different locations. This will help to gain insights into when to post for each target audience and ensure maximum visibility to scale your Facebook presence.

Analyze which posts get maximum hits

Once you know when to post, learn what you should be posting more often, and what content you should be avoiding. For this, analyze post engagements to compare the likes, comments, and shares for particular posts.

Instead of comparing individual posts, try to understand based on the type of content, media, or other categorization. This will help to get a big picture of what is excellent and what isn’t.

Target a particular audience with your posts for higher success

Many businesses try to target numbers when instead they should be focusing on quality, and this has led to a lot of pages getting extremely high visibility but hardly any comments or reactions. To scale up your presence and generate value, focus on your target audience.

Depending on your business and industry, your content and overall brand messaging on social media should revolve around the target audience.For this, leverage the manager to understand the demographics of your followers, with details like age, geography, and gender.

You can even get a detailed analysis of their likes and dislikes, which could be beneficial when creating a Facebook ad to reach a wider audience.

Use trending hashtags to boost your visibility

In addition to post engagement and reach, know which are the top hashtags that you should be using more frequently. Hashtags help to reach audiences to find your posts easily if they are searching for a matching set of keywords. This will help you reach beyond your followers and direct a whole new set of audiences to find your page.

Key metrics that you should be tracking

Additionally, there are various metrics that you should be monitoring to make sure your Facebook marketing is on par with your goals. It also helps to determine the performance of your posts and should be leveraged to create a strategic marketing plan for your social media. Some of the metrics that you should be tracking are:

Net likes

Each week there are a significant number of likes or unlikes that take place on your page, and you should be monitoring it to sense the sentiments of your audience towards the page. It may be an indication of something positive or negative based on the reactions of your audience.

For example, if there is a significant drop in likes or people unliking your page, see what content you shared that may have given them the impression the page is not relevant to them.

Post reach

Page reach is essential in addition to your likes or shares since this will tell you how many people you have successfully reached through your posts. This includes your paid as well as organic performance and tells you how many people your post was showcased.

If the reach is high, but the engagement is low, it means you are doing well on getting posts to a broader audience but need to think about why it is not evoking a response.

Top sources

If your traffic is coming from sources beyond Facebook, but additionally, if you are promoting your page on your site or other platforms, this section will tell you exactly where the audience found you. This could include other pages mentioning you, external links, or more.

Total actions on the page

If you are a product, services, or advertising company, your CTA (Call To Action) will change depending on your marketing goal on Facebook. Total actions on the page tell you which CTA is getting maximum responses, like website clicks, button click, phone number click, etc.

To Summarise

If you are a product company, developing a Facebook API to gain insights from Facebook right within your software makes it very easy to build credible reports and start using this data for direct marketing.

However, to take your software to the next level, consider hiring Facebook API developers in your team for maximum success. While online job boards are flooded with several developers, finding one with particular expertise takes patience.

So it is best to go for a human resource management tool to gain the right team for your requirements. Explore BambooHR for managing your team, generating payroll, or finding the right team members. Read the complete bamboohr review to gain the proper perspective.

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