June 1, 2023
Software Testing Services Company

Discretemicros: One Stop Software Testing Service Company

In the last few years, software testing services have become very popular. If you have ever wondered about what is making them so popular and how they contribute to your business, then this article answers your question in brief.

As the term software testing suggests that it involves testing. Testing is necessary because mistakes are inevitable by humans. But, some mistakes might cost you more and might land you up in huge losses. Primarily, software testing helps you to prevent such mistakes in software before they go wrong. It removes errors and bugs in the software and makes it run smoothly. In addition to this, it evaluates functionality of the software and analyses the scope of development.

Software Testing Services Company


What services should you expect from software testing companies?

When you approach a software testing company, they offer you various types of QA and testing services like manual testing, automation testing, Mobile testing, API testing, sales force testing, performance testing, and many others based on your software and requirements.

Software testing aims to remove bugs, improve performance, improve cost-efficiency and increase scalability. On the whole, it improves product quality.

Although there are a number of software testing service companies available in the market, not every company provides efficient service. You should be selective while choosing a company to partner up with. Discretemicros is a trusted and efficient QA & software testing services company you can partner up to test your product. Here is why!

Why choose Discretemicros?

Discretemicros has been a trusted software testing service with more than 15 years of experience in Automation testing more than 12000 test cases, reporting more than 22000 defects.

Primary Services offered by Discretemicros:

Automation Testing

They use advanced tools and technologies which contribute to your product development and keep the products in sync with latest updates, making it faster and bug free.

Automation testing involves repeated execution, detailed reporting, simultaneous tests, CI/CD integrations, increasing modularity and cost efficiency.

Manual Testing

They have in-house, distributed and on-the-go teams for testing industry specific applications. You can leverage their services to greater number of applications.

Manual testing involves functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, security testing, usability testing, and performance testing.

Mobile Testing

It is used to test Native, Hybrid, Mobile-Web apps and improve their performance to meet the requirements up to the mark. They ensure to maintain app bug-free and release new updates regularly.

Mobile testing involves compatibility testing, device testing, accessibility testing, interruption testing and usability testing.

How to partner up with Discretemicros?

If you are ready to partner with Discrete Micros to perform software testing to your product, you can do it in four simple steps:

Request a quote:

Initially, you have to fill out a short form sharing your requirements and then you will be reverted with their solutions shortly.

Share a proposal

Team would analyse your requirements and share a proposal with a free proof of concept.

Result, Review and Analysis:

They would share the results of tests which you can analyse and make a decision to proceed further.

Initiate Project:

Once you decide to partner up with Discretemicros, final contract service delivery would be initiated.

Bottom line:

Undoubtedly, Discretemicros would never fail to satisfy your product needs as they are committed to deliver the best possible services. Over the years, they have been successful in meeting demands for thousands of customers and backed their trust and positive reviews. So, don’t hesitate to choose Discretemicros.


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