May 30, 2024

Watch Out For The Top 7 Alternatives Of KissAnime!

Anime movies are becoming increasingly admired worldwide these days. Many people watch these movies all across the world. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, people were highly inclined to watch their interests more. The pandemic times have helped people explore a lot many websites and entertainment from different sources. People have started to become more interested in other things, such as anime movies.

The number of anime fans has increased globally due to the increased popularity of genres. People seek more websites to view anime series as a result of the rise in popularity of anime movies. On some websites, they desire a large selection of anime shows. One of the top websites for popular anime is


What was KissAnime famous for?

The user-friendly interface of the homepage is the major reason for the increased popularity of KissAnime website. Its homepage is beautifully and attractively made. Users merely need to search on the homepage and take pleasure in their findings if they want to find their intriguing content there. To view anime movies, users don’t need to know any Japanese. The movies are available with English subtitles and in Japanese. Additionally, the website offers versions that have been dubbed and subtitled. The most recent updated anime series are available to viewers on KissAnime. In conclusion, the lack of registration or sign-up requirements on the Anime website makes it ideal.

Alternatives Of KissAnime

Why was wrong with KissAnime Website?

KissManga and KissAnime both shocked their users. The 14th of August 2020 witnessed the closure of both websites. This unlawful enterprise had to close its doors after nearly 8 years of operation and entertaining history owing to copyright difficulties and piracy laws. The Online Piracy Act has been subject to stricter regulations under newer laws in Japan. FUNimation was one of the website’s main competitors, and there had been a dispute with US corporations for more than 4 years. It’s permanently offline now!

Users are looking for alternatives to KissAnime and other websites like KissAnime now that it is not functioning. Let’s have a short tour of the alternatives of KissAnime that are preferred across the globe.

7 Best Preferred Alternatives Worldwide

Multiple KissAnime alternative websites include a vast library of animes across a plethora of different genres. Let’s get to know one by one:

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the best place if users are seeking a website with a similarly huge library as KissAnime. Due to its extensive selection of content and excellent streaming, the website, which has been in operation since 2006, has attracted a sizable user base. The platform’s finest feature is how much more it provides than just anime.

Users can watch a variety of shows in many languages in their free time, which is sure to keep them interested and entertained. Apart from that, another feature that distinguishes Crunchyroll is its 15,000 hours of fully licensed programming. This indicates that the vast majority of the material users will stream is entirely lawful. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of anime content that has been dubbed or subbed, making it simpler for non-native speakers to understand the plots.

2. GoGoAnime


GoGo Anime will appear on every list of KissAnime alternatives. Thanks to its extensive collection of anime content that runs from new to ancient, rare to the most common, GoGo Anime will not let users down if users are major anime enthusiasts. When users first access the website, they are welcomed by its stunning homepage with a black background. Numerous anime series are alphabetically categorized right on the webpage.

The best feature is that users can download the shows for offline watching in addition to streaming them in various resolutions. The website has a New Season area where users can view recent releases and stay up with the top series that are currently trending. Even if users don’t have a certain anime in mind that they want to watch, the website is so well-organized that will undoubtedly help them find something interesting just by browsing it.

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3. AnimeFreak


The website can’t be simply overlooked AnimeFreak when searching for KissAnime substitutes. The website offers a respectable selection of anime and manga. For so many anime lovers, the website has emerged as their go-to resource since it consistently updates its database with fresh releases.

Additionally, the platform makes it simple to browse through various animes because users can sort the content by genre, most recent releases, or alphabetical order. The website features a wide variety of anime, from the most obscure to the most well-known. Its database contains material from numerous genres, including Horror, Romance, Adventure, and Action. In conclusion, AnimeFreak is website users must visit if they are anime enthusiasts!

4. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is a fantastic stand-in for KissAnime when it’s unavailable. It provides a diverse selection of anything anime, similar to KissAnime. The platform is accessible from anywhere in the world and doesn’t charge a fee to use its resources. All of the shows are available in high HD.

The site’s bulk of the content is either subtitled or dubbed, which is another fantastic feature. This is very helpful for non-Japanese speakers who want to watch anime episodes and movies.

5. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

One of the greatest KissAnime substitute websites worth checking out is Anime Planet. The website was first made available in 2001, making it even older than Crunchyroll. The website is fantastic since it gives users free access to 45,000 legal anime episodes.

The website’s sleek and highly user-friendly layout is another excellent feature. The platform is aesthetically beautiful due to its white background. In addition, the homepage categories are another significant aspect of Anime Planet. Various sections are put together under tags like “popular anime this week,” “newest recommendation,” and many others. This improves users’ viewing experience because users will find the shows much easier.

6. AniWatcher


The best part of AniWatcher is that the website continually adds new releases to its enormous catalogue, ensuring that users never fall behind on the hottest movies. Users don’t have to worry about not knowing the language because the website offers both dubbed and subtitled content. They not only include the most well-known anime, but they also provide details on the plot.

In addition to the most well-known titles, users will also discover a few obscure finds, odd anime, ongoing series, and other suggestions, all of which will enhance their user experience. The nicest thing about AniWatcher is that users can start viewing their favorite anime right away because it doesn’t require any registration.

7. AnimeLand


Anime Land offers everything anime, as is clear from the name. The website is largely known for its sizable library of anime that has been dubbed, which is a great plus for fans who prefer not to watch content with subtitles. There is no need to register on the website, and users can download stuff to watch later.

Anime Land is 100% free and available on all platforms, much as KissAnime. The website’s superb user experience is another item to note; the most recent dubbed series can be found in a special section on the homepage called “Dubbed AnimeList.”

With this in mind…

These are some of the top free anime streaming websites that aren’t KissAnime. These online anime streaming services all include a sizable selection of the most recent films, television programs, manga, and anime series that users can view online or download for use on PCs and mobile devices without having to register or sign up.


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