April 12, 2024
6 Pros & Cons of Owning a Dog in College

6 Pros & Cons of Owning a Dog in College

Pet provide the perfect companionship and are allowed for any age. Owning a dog in college is, therefore, a fascinating achievement for any student. It will help you relax, take you for walks, and give you a sense of responsibility as you care for its daily needs.

6 Pros & Cons of Owning a Dog in College

While owning a pet dog in college is interesting, you need to think of the pros and cons before bringing it onboard. Get the best custom research papers writing services to allow you to enjoy more time with your pet without compromising on academic performance. Here are the pros and cons of owning a pet dog in college.



  1. It Provides Company And Companionship

Dog owners choose the pet for companionships and company. You will never have to worry about being alone since the dog will always provide company. You avoid being a needy friend to your peers and allow them to enjoy their time.

Personal issues may also cause loneliness yet you cannot share with friends. The dog will ‘listen’ to you or give you the time to reflect without judgment. The companionship that comes with owning a pet is incomparable to having friends who might judge you harshly. A dog for a pet will be an incredible de-stressor for a college student.

You might also want to take a walk or stay at the park without human company, yet do not want to be alone. What better company can you enjoy than your pet? Strangers will not think that you are a lunatic for spending time alone since they can see the dog beside you.

  1. Will Help You To Exercise

The dog will require regular walking and exercise. Since it cannot take the exercises alone, you have to be part of the walking or exercising. As you walk the dog, you will also be exercising. Vets also recommend regular exercises for pet dogs. You, therefore, have to create a regular routine for exercising.

The dog is also a perfect pet for college students because of its playful nature. It keeps you running around the room and outdoors when taking a walk. Since you know that it requires exercising, you will also join in the exercise band wagon. You end up exercising indirectly.

  1. They Make You Happy By Doing Funny Things

Dogs enjoy their unique fun moments. They play with balls, chase after lights and will also demand that you play with their fur. The playful nature will cheer you up and help you to forget the wrong things that people could have done in earlier encounters. Remember that a dog will never offend you. Each minute spent with the dog and the memories created will be good. It is a valuable and rewarding addition to your college experience. All this fun comes at no cost.


  1. It Might Get Harder To Find A Place To Live

Apartment owners are skeptical about allowing pets into their hostels. While you might commit to cleaning behind its mess or keeping it within the leash, other apartment users might be uncomfortable. To avoid inconveniencing other apartment users, you will be sacrificed. You end up living in an area far from campus. It might affect your convenience coming to school and will result in expensive accommodation. Some apartments may also not be pet-friendly. It means living further away or in an apartment you would not prefer under normal circumstances.

  1. Full-Time Care May Cost Your Academic Performance

A pet requires fulltime care. You must think of its food, shelter, and warm throughout the day. In case you are going to class, which is your core business in college, you have to think of where and how it will spend the entire day. Such distraction may result in poor academic performance because you do not concentrate. Further, in case the dog falls sick, you have to abandon your school work to care for it. Neglecting the dog will result in hostility or penalties from animal rights organizations. It is a huge task to care for a pet dog while still in college.

  1. It Alters Your Social Circle

Some friends love the presence of dogs while others are uncomfortable with canines. Carrying the dog around will keep away some while attracting others. In case you get an invitation to an event, you have to think about the dog. It curtails your freedom of association. People with allergies will not want to be near you. It means that you have to select the people you bring into your social circle, eventually limiting your interactions.

College and the places you visit must have a policy that allows you to keep a pet in college. Keep away from facilities that do not allow pets. A happy pet dog in college requires dedication and a lot of care. Prepare to provide such care, including the financial implication of rearing a pet dog.


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