June 15, 2024
Among Us

Tips To Win Every Among Us Game

Among Us is one of the most favorite games of those who are constantly winning in this game, but on the other hand, people hate this game when they lose it.

Hence with the help of this post, you will fall in love with this game again, because here we are going to share tips to win every among us game.

Moreover, this is not just another tips listed blog, here we are offering tips that we have actually used and helped people win in this game.


Tips to win every among us game you play

Make sure that you are following all the tips that we have told you, in this way you would be able to get the most optimized results.

1- Lock doors to privacy and kills:

Lock doors to privacy and kills

Doors can be locked on the sabotage screen for the Impostor Sabotage is an impostor’s best friend. Stand in a room looking like you are doing a task. Then when someone comes along to join you. Lock them in and take them out. Before venting/holing out and seeking a logical route away from where the victim is.

2- Kill people who are safe:

Here are certain tasks in the game that have animations for people to see. Anyone seen doing these tasks are safe. And if you end up being in the final 4 with 2 people that are safe. The odds are heavily stacked against you.

Always consider the person you are killing. Make sure anyone that is proved safe is a priority target for you to kill. But be careful, a good team would stay close to the safe crewmates. So killing them may be difficult.

3- Make it easy to kill grouped people:

People have the misguided belief that standing in a group is the safest way to win the game. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When people are standing really close together it makes it really easy for the impostor.

All he/she has to do is disable the lights. Run into a group of people and press the kill button. The impostor could literally be anyone within that group of people. So run in, kill someone and start pointing fingers at the others.

This only works if 4 or more people are tightly packed.

4- Among Us Vents:

There are a number of Among Us vents which are spread across the maps of the game, and it has been noticed that most of the imposters wait for other players in those vents.

In case you are able to find those vents and kill the imposters then you would be able to win the game easily.

5- Kill the lights: Lights can be turned off on the sabotage map.

Killing the lights is my favorite sabotage. It renders people’s vision useless. You can kill someone in the dark and run for the nearest vent and people won’t be able to positively say who it was. However, use your brain. don’t kill someone in the same place where you turned the lights off. Travel as far away from that point as you possibly can and find someone to vouch for your whereabouts.

Remember during the following conversation that everybody’s view was affected. If you say you saw someone whilst the lights were out then this could be disputed. Landing you in hot water. remember crewmate limitations!

6- Check out what other imposters are doing:

Be aware of what the other impostor is doing, if you both go to a room and 2 people run in. You can easily lock the door, double kill, and escape through the vents.

But on the other hand, if you play too close to the other killer you run the risk of being found guilty of each other’s kills. Also, don’t vouch too hard for the other killer. Be prepared to throw him under the bus if you feel the odds are against him. If you vouch and he’s guilty they will turn to you next.

7- Use the CCTV:


CCTV is like having eyes everywhere at once. And a poor impostor won’t even consider the possibility of someone watching them on CCTV. But don’t just look for kills on the CCTV! Learn where each camera is situated and note everyone going between them.

If you see red go into navigation, then suddenly he’s running up into the canteen through another corridor. Navigation has 1 entrance. The only way he/she could have done that is through a vent.

Please note – Be careful not to hug the CCTV. You are announcing you are in the Security room and you will be a hot target for the Killer. Remain vigilant.

8- Decision time strategy:

So there is 1 impostor amongst you. And someone has just found a body. So you are sitting in a meeting with 2 other people.

if you vote to skip at this point it is game over. (Revert to tip 4 of the impostor section) rationalize who is safe, whom you suspect, and fight your case.

If you don’t know then you need to come to an agreement with the remaining survivors to put all eggs into one basket. if everyone votes for each other it’s game other and if nobody votes it’s game over. Committing is the only way.

9- Play the game attentively:

Listen to what people say! people talk themselves into trouble so much but people miss it because they are in their own heads wondering what they are going to say themselves.

Frequently I’ve seen someone who scanned in medbay early game gets ejected into space because the other survivors forget that somebody had vouched for that person earlier.

Also if you see someone running near you. But don’t make a mental note of who they were. This can not only result in your story sounding suspicious and you being ejected but can also mean you and the team miss out on a good chance to catch the killer.


Want to find tips to win in the Among us game every single time? If yes, then this post has everything you need to know. Here we have discussed the top 9 tips on the basis of which you can use the strategies and win the game.


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