February 26, 2024
Ludo Hacks For Winning Daily Contests

Ludo Hacks For Winning Daily Contests

Ludo has been derived from an ancient game called Pacheesi, played in India. It was also known as Chaupar in ancient times. Later modified with the use of cubic dice, it was patented as “Ludo” in England in 1896.

It is a strategy-based indoor game played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Initially, ludo was played as a board game. But arrested by pandemics as people are away from their loved ones, be it friends, family or partner, online ludo games have gained a lot of popularity. A big reason for this is the availability of the beloved sitting in the room next door or another state can play together. People can reunite for fun, giving them a break from all the stress they are surrounded by.

Ludo Hacks For Winning Daily Contests

What’s more? When you are lonely or bored at 3 in the midnight, fighting insomnia, you will still have people to connect with on online ludo game and give life to your boredom.

Indian Ludo App has, however, gained a lot of popularity among various other online ludo App. Unlike all other Ludo games, India Ludo is not an ordinary game, it is rather different in its own way. Besides being really fun and entertaining, it also offers exclusive features like voice chat, text chat, big rewards and instant bank transfers.

If you want to know how to win ludo game, paytm cash, you have come to the right place. Today’s blog is about ludo hacks for winning daily contests:


1. Control Opponent’s Move

The strategy of blocking opponents’ pawns keeps you ahead in the game. That said, you should not restrict your movement instead. The game of skills needs you to plan every move tactfully. You need to move your token to make it reach the final destination. However, in order to win the game, you also need to take care of the opponent’s movement.

By blocking their moves, you’re not only slowing them down, but you’re also getting a greater chance at winning. But, besides that, you should also play strategically and make sure your token is not in danger of being cut out of the game and reach its initial position. This is the most common mistake that people make while playing online ludo. Sometimes they are so engrossed with blocking others or moving ahead that they oversee the danger of being killed. They overlook the four pawns, instead of focusing on one.

2. Have the maximum pawns out on the board –

Although the decision of whether to play the next six or bring out the next pawn is very subjective and situational based, it is advised to pull out your pawn on six, when feasible. This helps because once more than one pawn is out on the board, you can move anyone to your advantage and at a given chance.

Also, as discussed in the previous step, the hack of blocking the opponent’s pawn only gets easier if you have all your paws out and spread.

On other hand, one token out may slow down the game and the fear of being killed will put the game on a halt. To prevent that from happening, take out the maximum pawns you can and strategize the movement wisely. Having your pawns spread will make you ludo king of the board and increase your chance to win.

3. Change the timing of your throw –

Sounds weird right? But it is a tried and tested hack!

A secret tip of the ludo game is to change the timing of your throw. Although it is not a tested algorithm, it works every time, says the ludo winners.

A simple winning trick of ludo where you try to change the timings of your dice gives you more versatile numbers. It is believed that the sooner you throw the dice the more your chances of getting a six or a one are. All you have to do is notice at what time approximately you roll the dice whenever it shows a six or a one. Once you get a fair idea of the timing, you can use it to your advantage in the game and become a Ludo Star.

4. Target opponent’s pawns –

We all know this trick. This is a no brainer! Move your pawn strategically, not only targeting the destination but also killing opponents’ tokens as soon as you can and whenever you get a chance. The more you kill opponents’ token on ludo online multiplayer, the more you slow them.

The game is not of sentiments, where the opposition is your beloved ones or a stranger, winning should be the goal. Thus show no mercy, take the opportunity and put your opponents behind you. Play the game based on critical thinking and decision making, and stick to the goal.

Follow these four hacks and tips and never lose the online ludo game download. Although the nostalgic childhood game would make you feel childish, what’s more than the fun you can have!


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