February 26, 2024
SME Digitalization Grant

SME Digitalization Grant

Digitalization has become the new normalcy of today’s generation. If we have to cope up with the current demands of this fast-paced world, every business and enterprise has to get digitalized in their maximum capacity to fit people’s needs. The Malaysian Government Scheme to offer a 50% grant to SMEs seems to be the most incredible way of boosting digitalization in the country. There are so many technology providers that have taken the onus on themselves to help these enterprises turn digital and also grant them their due 50% matching grant.

SME Digitalization Grant

SME Grant Johor Bahru is one of the essential technology providers which has stood the test of time and is still on the rise to cater to several enterprises. This provider solution has helped multitudes of enterprises to establish their digital presence and expand their horizons to cover more customers.

With the help of the grant rendered by the Malaysian Government, SME’s can leverage their claims up to RM5000 easily and extrapolate their sales to cover all regions and multiple customers across the country at ease.

Web designs of Johor Bahru:

This technology provider designs web pages for the enterprise with supreme quality and in the notion to ease customers’ transactions with a 50% discount. It designs the company profile with all the descriptions including its service, catalogue, and profiling of the company. The discounts offered, images and galleries integrated with effective payment channels are provided by the solutions. They also arrange for marketing and creating Google Ads to increase the reach and awareness of the enterprise across the country. They also optimize the keywords and search engines to improve the access of the company to the masses.

The Prerequisites for SME business digitalization grant:

The eligibility criteria for applying for the grant along with the prerequisites required for the same follows,

  1. The SME should be owned by the majority of Malaysians up to 60%.
  2. It has to abide by the rules and protocols of the Government and laws of Malaysia.
  3. It should have been functional at least for 6 months prior to applying for a grant.
  4. The total sales should sum up to RM 50,00,00.

Documents required to file for the Grant:

  1. Copy of Identity card or Passport of the Directors and in-stake proprietors including partners.
  2. Copy of Business registration licenses with all the essential affidavits and forms including 9, 24, 49, and Form 13. This also includes the partners at stake.
  3. Financial statement for the previous financial year and the management account of all members at stake.
  4. Profiling of the company with details regarding its service.
  5. Quotation and bills from the Webteq solution for the website design and other digital requirements.

The procedures to go with the documents:

  1. The People or leads from the SME will have to contact Webteq for website design grant or any other digital requirement.
  2. They have to fill out the application forms with all the necessary documents along with the invoice of Webteq.
  3. Once the application is submitted, it is validated by the host firm.
  4. SMEs pay for their service and receipt is forwarded to SME bank or the firm.
  5. The firm will reimburse the remaining amount immediately.


This seems to be a very important grant to benefit all business-minded people and millennials who want to invest in the business. Recent times have seen an incessant upsurge in digitalization and applying for a grant is one of the right ways to go about it when it comes to any business. Hopefully, this will improve the digital infrastructure of the country for the better by also encouraging young entrepreneurs to go big and digitalize at their convenience.


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