May 30, 2024

Changing iPhone’s Location with “iAnyGo” App


How has GPS been Helpful?

The integration of GPS (Global Positioning System) in the iPhone has been a truly wonderful and practical piece of technology. We can now witness greater navigational precision and efficiency, obtain predicted travel times, and several other things, thanks to it. The list of amazing things that GPS has accomplished could go on forever, but there are at least a few good reasons why users might wish to spoof their iPhone’s GPS location.

Why should one use a fake GPS location?

Users can increase their online privacy, trick people into thinking they are traveling when they are not, and try a few dating apps to meet more people. They can also watch the newest movies and TV series on streaming services, and play Pokemon Go anywhere in the world by spoofing their location.

Let us talk about the reasons why should one use a fake GPS location?

  • Catch Pokemon across the Globe

    Catch Pokemon across the Globe

One commonly used app that is ideal for location faking is ‘Pokemon Go’ as it is essentially GPS-powered. If users reside in a rural area, the options for Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms are usually limited. Users won’t have any scarcity whatsoever if they relocate to a place like London or New York City, though. Of course, they will have access to the most recent Pokemon Go updates as well.

  • Changing Location on Snapchat Maps


Like many social networking sites, Snapchat collects its users’ GPS data in order to provide a variety of services. The most notable application of this technology is Snapchat Maps. The latter is a free feature that lets users view their friends’ locations and current activities on an interactive map. Location spoofing is pretty useful if users want to trick their buddies into thinking that they are visiting their childhood dreamt place, Disneyland, or enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, it’s fantastic for more important tasks like getting access to Snapchat features and filters that aren’t offered where users live.

  • More Matches on Dating App

    dating app

It’s also worthwhile to spoof the location if finding one’s life partner is a top priority. Anyone who frequently uses dating apps will understand how discouraging it can be to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of profiles without finding a match.

Users won’t be constrained to folks in their neighborhood when they use a false GPS location to start seeking love elsewhere. It’s important to note that while many dating apps do not accept fake GPS, some do. Hopefully, users will not have to wait long to meet the one.

  • Keep the Apps Updated
    Apps Updated

When a new Android version is published with tons of exciting features users would like to try out, it’s very upsetting if users do not receive it in their area just yet. The same is true for updated versions of well-known applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, which frequently tease exciting new features. Simply switch the GPS location to a nation or area where the new OS or app update is accessible, and users will have access to it.

  • Watch the recent TV Shows and Movies

    Watch the recent TV Shows and Movies

Although streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have thousands of TV series and films in their libraries, new releases sometimes debut in just a few nations at first. Users can watch a movie or television show that hasn’t yet been released where they live by changing the GPS location to that of the country where it has. Overall, location faking will significantly enhance the ability to view internet content.

  • Improve Online Privacy

    Improve Online Privacy

Websites use both IP addresses and the linked device’s GPS position for online tracking. They can therefore impose geo-restrictions, monitor online activity, inundate users with adverts, and do a variety of other nasty things. Location spoofing will increase one’s online privacy by masking their real location from websites.

What’s with iAnyGo?

What’s with iAnyGo

Leading software provider Tenorshare has updated iAnyGo to V3.0.0. Users who have the updated version can simultaneously alter the GPS location on several iOS devices. iPhone owners may quickly adjust several iPhone locations at once using the upgraded software. Up to 15 separate iOS devices can have their GPS locations changed at once by users. When there are numerous gamers, many iPhone users want to switch between multiple iPhone locations. When playing Pokemon Go, some people who own more than one iPhone want to switch between them.

Striking Features of iAnyGo:

  • Users of iAnyGo can create unique itineraries to tailor their virtual travel experiences.
  • Two alternative ways of route charting are supported by iAnyGo: numerous routes and two-point routes. Users can set up the route by mapping different sites using the multiple route option.
  • In well-known games and applications that just need location access, iAnyGo enables users to use the fictitious location. For games like Pokemon Go, where users can explore different regions and catch a variety of different Pokemon, this functionality can be really helpful!
  • Additionally, it has a realistic map display that makes it simple for users to get where they wish to go.
  • To assure satisfaction, iAnyGo offers a very substantial free trial and a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

The finest phone location changer, iAnyGo, combines all of these and many additional capabilities to exceed one’s expectations.

Step by Step Procedure to Change Location using iAnyGo!

Step by Step Procedure to Change Location using iAnyGo

  • Launch the ‘iAnyGo’ from the computer. The user is directed to the ‘Change Location’ mode.Launch the ‘iAnyGo’ from the computer
  • Link the iPhone with the computer through a USB cable.Link the iPhone with the computer through a USB cable
  • Choose the destination location to be preferred as the virtual location. Complete this by typing the address or the GPS coordinates. Once this is selected, tap ‘Start to Modify’.virtual location

Winding Up:

Even though changing a phone’s position is not an easy procedure, these phone location changer programs have greatly facilitated and accelerated one’s work. What used to take a few hours to complete is now completed in a matter of seconds! Software techniques like those provided by iAnyGo are quick and secure to use. They should consequently be chosen if users need to update their smartphone’s geo-location.


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