September 26, 2022
How to repair corrupt SharePoint Data using SharePoint Server

How to repair corrupt SharePoint Data using SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a widely used database application for businesses and large organizations. It provides a wide range of benefits to those who use it. Many times users try to access the SharePoint database but they face certain issues while accessing it. Although, sometimes users are unable to access the SharePoint database due to corruption issues.

How to repair corrupt SharePoint Data using SharePoint Server

So, in the upcoming section, we will discuss causes and reliable solutions that will help to repair corrupt Sharepoint database files.

Most common reasons for SharePoint corruption

Here are the most common reasons for corruption in SharePoint Data.

  • Accidental deletion of SharePoint Portals.
  • Virus attacks present in the system.
  • Accidental deletion of log files.
  • Also, SharePoint files can also be damaged due to corruption in .mdf files.

You might be in danger if you don’t take regular backup. If the configuration database becomes unusable/invalid due to corruption, you must try the manual trick given below.

Manual Technique To Repair Corrupt SharePoint Database.

SharePoint 2010 users can fix it, by simply just restoring the configuration database and then restore the farm configuration. To do so you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, go to Central Admin’s home page. Then in the Backup and restore option, click on Restore from a backup.
  2. Now, from the “Restore from Backup” screen, select Backup to Restore page. Then, select backup and click on Next
  3. Select Component to Restore page, check the option next to a farm. Click on Next to proceed.
  4. Go to “Restore Component” then select Restore options page from Restore from backup
  5. After you will encounter a window of the Restore only configuration settings, Here select Restore content and configuration settings preference.
  6. In the Restore option, select the Type of Restore preference. Above all, make sure that you use the same configuration settings. Click on OK to proceed.
  7. Finally, click on Start Restore. 

You can easily repair your SharePoint database using the above method. But there are some drawbacks of manual approach that are listed below:

  • Time-consuming- You need to follow all the steps one by one carefully. That’s why the process becomes lengthy and time taking.
  • Risk of data loss- Sometimes using the manual method can lead to data loss.

Therefore, we are offering you a professional approach to repair corruption.

Professional Approach to Repair Sharepoint Corruption.

If corruption is severe, the above manual trick may fail or not work as per your expectations. In such a situation, you’re left with only one solution – SharePoint Database Server Recovery. It is the best approach that helps you to recover corrupt or damaged SharePoint database in a convenient way. In fact, You can rely on this software without ever giving it a second thought.


To Sum up, After applying the above-mentioned techniques and measures you are not able to resolve SharePoint errors. Then, it is better to use a reliable tool to Repair corrupt SharePoint Database within time. Hope you found this post useful to solve your query. Thanks for reading. Also if you have any issues regarding the manual approach free to contact me.


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