September 26, 2023
Sim Not Provisioned Mm2

Fixing the Error- ‘Sim Not Provisioned Mm2’

Users are eager to use their bright new phone for calls and other duties when they receive it. However, their joy is short-lived when they discover that their new phone displays a SIM card not provided error. When this happens, users are unable to make or receive phone calls or access the Internet.

Why does it say ‘SIM not supplied’ on the phone? What are the options for customers to get a SIM card?

If not sure why the problem occurs, keep reading this article to learn about the causes and possible solutions.


What is the ‘sim not provisioned mm2’ issue?

What does it mean when a SIM card isn’t provisioned? Users will not find much sense in this error notice if they try to read it literally as it appears. This is due to the fact that the notification does not explain why the error happened or what users may do about it. However, there is a legitimate reason for this message.

Sim Not Provisioned Mm2

The term “sim card not provisioned” refers to the fact that the SIM card has not been activated for use with the phone. It’s possible that it’ll happen after porting. To use the SIM card, users must first equip it with their phone. By doing this, the above notice will continue to appear on the screen.

Understanding the problem, ‘Provisioned’

It’s helpful to know what the term “provisioned” implies in order to comprehend why the phone may be displaying a “SIM not provisioned” error message. The act of supplying or providing something is called as provision. When it comes to the SIM card, if it can’t share information between the phone and the carrier, it’s no longer provided.

Users who need to register a new SIM card should be affected by the “SIM not provided” problem. If it happens at any other time, it could be a hint that the SIM card needs to be replaced.

Easy Steps to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Problem

  • Initially, check if the SIM Card is rightly placed and not Broken

When users’ phone indicates that their SIM card is not supplied, the first thing users should do is check to see if the SIM card is shattered or otherwise physically damaged. It’s possible that the SIM card is activated but damaged, causing the phone to have problems reading data from it.

Pull the card tray out of the phone to examine the condition of the SIM card. After that, remove the SIM card from the tray and inspect it well. Verify that there are no scratch marks or other indicators of damage.

If evidence of damage is seen and the SIM card is actually broken, users should contact their carrier to have it replaced. Contact with whoever the carrier is, and they will be glad to assist users with their new working SIM card for the new phone.

  • Ensure the SIM Card is Rightly Inserted

People frequently enter their SIM cards into their phones incorrectly due to a rush. This could be due to the new phone’s enthusiasm or a lack of time. Regardless, if users haven’t inserted their SIM card correctly, the phone won’t be able to read the information on the card.

Ensure the SIM Card is Rightly Inserted

The phone will be unable to communicate with the carrier if it does not detect the SIM card. The phone will display a notice stating that the SIM card is not provisioned as a result of this.

  • Re-check if the SIM Card is Properly Activated

The SIM card hasn’t been activated yet, which is one of the main reasons users’ phone indicates it’s not supplied. This commonly occurs when users insert the card into a new phone or when they receive a new SIM card that needs to be activated. To remove the aforementioned error from the phone, contact their carrier and have their SIM card activated.

The process for activating a SIM card differs depending on the carrier. In most circumstances, they will need to call their carrier from a different phone to request that the SIM card be activated. To activate the card, some carriers demand users to first log in to their account and then complete a procedure.

  • Try Using the SIM Card in Other Devices

Using the SIM card with another phone is one approach to see if everything is in order with their SIM card. If users have a spare phone, they can use it to test the SIM card and ensure that it functions properly.

Simply insert the existing SIM card into the other phone and try to make a call from there. If the call is successful, the SIM card is functional, and the device is malfunctioning, there is a problem with the smartphone. If the call is not answered, there is most likely a problem with the card.

  • Wait a While

Even after the carrier has activated the card, the phone may still reflect that the SIM card is not provided. This frequently happens when users try to use their SIM card too soon after it has been activated.

Some carriers demand users to wait at least 24 hours after submitting an activation request before receiving their card. So, give it at least a day before testing the SIM card.

  • Restart the Device

Rebooting the phone might sometimes be a helpful option. After installing a new SIM card into their phone, many carriers recommend that users reboot the device. This requires the SIM card to fetch network options, which may resolve the problem.

Restart the Device

To restart the phone, press and hold the Power button while selecting Restart. Try making a call once the phone has restarted to check whether the problem has been fixed.

The End Words

Unfortunately, new SIM card faults crop up on a regular basis, but it doesn’t take long for the internet to band together and offer at-home remedies. If users are still having SIM problems, it’s always worth doing a short online search and hoping to come across solutions/blogs/articles like ours, where one will surely get answers or workarounds.


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