February 26, 2024
FIFA 21 Best Passing Tips

FIFA 21 Best Passing Tips That You Need To Master

To win more matches in FIFA series games, not only you should build the best FUT squads and get top rated players with FIFA 21 Coins, but also need to master many skills, and passing is one of them. Passing is probably the most important thing when it comes to building up your own attack. With the perfect pass flow you can create tons of dangerous situations where your opponent stands helpless but there are some important aspects that you need to pay attention to so as to become a very efficient passer. In this tutorial we are going to cover those aspects. Now check out our top 3 tips about passing in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Best Passing Tips


1. Defender Movement

It is not enough only to observe your attacker’s movement but also you need to watch out for the defender’s movement. Most of you will encounter opponents with different defensive approaches, some of them will press at you straight away, some of them are just going to try to cut the passing lanes without getting their defenders forward and some of them are just going to be the mix of that. Key point is that you have to observe and adapt yourself to their defending styles. If you only pass with what your muscle memory tells you, you are going to fail at some point because people can adapt to and they will eventually counter you, so you have to see what is going on the pitch, you have to think and you have to play smart as you can see in this position the opponent only tries to cover the passing lanes instead of pushing and pressing forward. He’s consistently circling between two passing options.

You need to tell yourself that you don’t need to pass the ball unless you’re facing pressure. Patience is the key and you have to avoid the pass because that is exactly what the opponent expects from you.

2. Type Of The Pass

The type of the pass, depending on different situations you will need different passes by using different botting combinations. This is like knowing where your player moves and how opponent places defenders as an example. Passing the ball with the r1 button sends out a very strong short pass where double tapping the pass button gives the ball a lift, so that no one can touch it from the ground.

Utilize The Lofted Pass In Your Build-Up Play

The lofted pass is arguably one of the best passing mechanics to have graced FIFA in the last few years. It’s a type of pass that makes it difficult for your opponent to intercept the ball. It works by putting a bit of height on your passes to evade your opponents and arrive at your own players’ feet. It’s perfect for distributing the ball in the attacking third, as it allows you to make quick one-two passess with minimal risk of the ball being intercepted. It’s also a great way to pass the ball in midfield.  If you add the lofted pass to your gameplay arsenal, you’ll find yourself losing the ball less and launching more potent attacks.

To execute the lofted pass all you need to do is double tap X/A. Or double tap triangle/Y for a lofted through pass.

That’s it for the best FIFA 21 passing tips & guide and hope really that this post makes you more efficient in ways of passing, remember good build up is always possible through efficient passing. If you need cheap coins to purchase top rated players or open FUT packs and better enjoy the game, Utplay could be your best choice to buy FUT 21 Coins with cheap price, fast delivery and best service!


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