April 12, 2024

Benefits of Dash Cameras and Fleet Tracking Devices

Fleet tracking is becoming more common among businesses every day. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have a large fleet of vehicles. Companies that provide logistics services or those that source their own raw material from various locations are benefited the most.

Businesses are not the only beneficiary of fleet tracking through dashboard cameras. Contract drivers or freelance drivers have increasingly begun to install dash cameras in their carriers. We will explore the benefits of dash cameras and fleet tracking from the perspective of the driver as well as business. So visit us pcredcom.com.


Benefits of Dash Camera For Drivers

Evidence of Accidents

This is the most popular reason to get a dash camera. If you happen to find yourself in an accident, a dash camera video will be the strongest source of evidence to prove that you were not at fault.

Without any video evidence to support your argument in a court of law, disputes become hard to resolve and long drawn out battles will not only affect your ability to work freely but legal costs are a huge expense to bear.

Prevent Insurance Fraud

One of the most common frauds truckers deal with is insurance fraud. This is when the driver of another vehicle purposely causes an accident and puts the blame on you. Sometimes planned accident makers keep witnesses who are in on the act to act as an eyewitness. These fraud rings cost insurance companies millions every year.

With a dash camera, you will be able to protect yourself from anybody who tries to perform this kind of fraud by having visual evidence to prove your innocence. This is extremely helpful since you will be able to protect the insurance which you are paying for.

Record Incidents When Away From The Vehicle

Dash cameras usually start recording when the engine is turned on. However, you can also purchase a dash camera that operates otherwise also. This way you can record incidents when you are sleeping in the vehicle, in a motel for an overnight stopover or at any time when you are away from the vehicle.

If you can view the dash camera footage on your smartphone, you can also keep an eye on your vehicle.

Report Undisciplined Drivers

As a commercial vehicle driver, you spend a lot of time on the roads and encounter a number of careless drivers. If you see someone driving recklessly, it is reasonably important to report them.

Reporting a reckless driver is obviously a lot more difficult without a dash camera due to the lack of hard evidence. Without this, the driver is unlikely to face any repercussions and continue to drive recklessly endangering others. However, with a dash camera, you have actual footage of the reckless driving.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Businesses

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Businesses pay a large bulk sum to insurance companies in the form of insurance premiums. When a business installs fleet tracking devices in their carriers, insurance companies are much more liberal when giving out discounts on insurance premiums.

By equipping all vehicles with tracking devices, businesses will be able to tremendously reduce the payment made towards insurance cover every month.

Locate Carriers Effectively

By equipping vehicles with fleet tracking devices they will be able to not only track where the vehicle is but also visually ascertain what the vehicle is being used for. This way the business can monitor driver activity to make sure the detour was actually due to an accident ahead and not for something else other than company business.

Businesses that depend on raw material being sourced from other locations can use GPS tracking devices to plan manufacturing activities based on the location of the carriers. This also prevents any unnecessary delays as there is visual proof about the actual situation. This helps companies operate more efficiently.

Improve Safety

When drivers run into problems, visual fleet trackers can help companies swiftly assess the situation and commnunicate it to the right authorities. This way, drivers can get help if they are in trouble even if the accident is in a remote area.

If there is an issue with the vehicle, another vehicle can be immediately sent to the location of the driver. This is crucial for businesses as they try to reduce delays which can affect delivery deadlines and eat into business profits.

Minimize Operating Expense

Installation of fleet tracking devices helps businesses reduce overhead costs drastically. This is because it helps reduce excess consumption of fuel, unauthorized vehicle usage beyond Hours of Service (HOS) or by another person and unnecessary overtime expenses.

Businesses are able to monitor driver activities closely and are immediately alerted if a driver does anything that is not part of what is expected by the business.

Statutory Compliance

Many fleet tracking devices have been made mandatory by the FMSCA. Data like HOS, pre and post trip maintenance checks, IFTA fuel regulations are a few of the parameters on which drivers and businesses must have records of at all times. On road inspections are common and not having the data on hand can cause businesses to pay hefty fines as well as cause delays in meeting scheduled delivery timelines.

During an on road inspection, having dash cameras installed on your carriers allows you to see the exchange with the authorities and make sure nothing illegal takes place.

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