June 15, 2024
AutoCAD Student Version

About AutoCAD Student Version

This software student’s version is a free version developed by Autodesk for students, educational institutions, and educators. The student’s version license is renewable after the 3-year or 36 months period. Objects or projects built in this version cannot be used for commercial purposes. To create such objects commercially, we need to use the full commercial version. The student version is parallel to the full commercial version, except the educational flag. It means that the objects or files created in the student’s version have an internal big flag set, i.e., the output includes a stamp printed on all the four sides.

AutoCAD Student Version


Introduction to AutoCAD For Students

AutoCAD is an application commercial software obtained to draft 2D & 3D models with the assistance of a computer. It is mainly classified as a CAD program and drafting application. It was discovered in 1982 by Autodesk. AutoCAD is also available as a student version and it can be downloaded from the website. The student version is like the entire commercial version. AutoCAD is permitted for free, to students, educators, and institutions. Therefore, AutoCAD is widely obtained by designers, engineers, drafters, and surveyors. For the supreme of the designers and engineers, AutoCAD has proved as a less time taker it saves your time and an efficient program. Even if you hire someone to provide you high strength 3D printing service, they would also make use of AutoCAD.

In how many ways a student can utilize AutoCAD?

The student’s version is used to benefit success in education and beyond it.

The software is available free of cost with all the accessible tools. The AutoCAD software is used by lakhs of students, teachers, and institutions every day. We can create project-based models to learn design thought, innovation, and aptitude. Autodesk also members with brands and organizations through global events to sharpen our skills.

The Autodesk gives us the tools to analyze our curiosity, sills, and showcase our creativity. It is a medium to attain academic and future career achievement. We can also become a student expert to connect with partners and industry professionals. The Autodesk also allows us to establish the Portfolios on Autodesk Design Academy. Through this, we can show our big ideas to the world, share the design process, and can be attached to our peers.

AutoCAD For Skill Students:

Digital literacy is one of the skills a student of today’s time it must have. AutoCAD can be used for students in various ways. Since AutoCAD is a big program it adopts applications in many ways. 

Students can use AutoCAD for:

Engineering Drafting tool:

AutoCAD provides different drafting tools that are used in drawings of engineering pieces, designs, and infrastructure. It also underestimates human mistakes and assists the users to bring their imagination to life with accuracy. It also provides solutions for designing mechanical components and solving design issues that may occur.

Act as a Graphic Design tool:

AutoCAD supports the undertaking of DWG and DXG files that can be exported from its interface to other CAD applications for more advanced animation projects. AutoCAD can even function simultaneously with 3D Max and other applications as well.

Utilized as an Architectural designing tool:

With the availability of built-in design layouts that comprises of several templates specially designed for architectural planning and building formation, the users can work on projects that consist of building architectural arrangements for construction goals with just minimal understanding of the software.

Use in 3D printing:

AutoCAD is consistent with file formats that most of the 3D printers and slivering software use. The designs can be exported in the most choice format that is almost all the 3D printers use. AutoCAD helps the users to build lifelike 3D models on their workspace.

Use for Industrial planning and constructing tool AutoCAD is generously versed with the CAD interface, and with its usage, the industrialists can develop working prototypes of a subject as well as test its purposes during the process of designing. The designers can even use the crucial prototype for presentation for facilitating their designs.

Used in the Fashion industry:

The CAD software which has the great terrific interface blends effortlessly and eases the complications that come with the designing of difficult shapes like octagons, tetrahedrons, and many more, that are generally obtained in designing fashion elements.

How to Use AutoCAD for Students?

The relatively first step is to download the program and install it on the computer. The student can get a free license from Autodesk and all the elements are available free of cost. Learning how to use 2D first will be the major step and then continuing to 3D drawings. The Student must know the use of different tools and toolbars in the workspace and their purposes.

The steps to use AutoCAD-

  • Firstly, Understand and get to know the workspace, the tools, and the menus.
  • Begin working on a drawing and try to know various basic tools like pan, zoom, snap, polar, plot, etc.
  • Establish several shapes using basic 2D tools like Polygon, Polyline, Line, Circle, Rectangle, arc, chamfer, fillet, join, trim, copy, text, etc. You can obtain tutorials on the Autodesk website for knowing it better.
  • Getting to understand the command line output and practicing it by creating different shapes and designs.
  • Understand different dimension styles, font styles, tables, hatch, mirror, blocks, line types, etc.
  • Understanding to use Macros, custom commands, LISP, etc.


Hence, AutoCAD can be utilized by many professionals, and also its student version can be very helpful to new learners in many ways. It can also help you to save your time during working on different kinds of projects in several fields.

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