June 1, 2023
First Impression For Your Wedding Video

5 Rock-Solid Ideas to Make An Unforgettable First Impression For Your Wedding Video

If you are planning to get married soon, it is quite evident that you are having a lot of plans hitting you at this moment. Yeah, that’s nothing unusual. Well, you must be excited about the attire to wear, and the photography and the videography too.

It is important to ensure that your wedding day is well captured. In fact, every moment should be tracked and recorded, so that you can cherish them for the rest of your life. Of course, you will be able to show it to your grandchildren someday!

However, an invitation creator will help you create a perfect video, just like a pro. You may create it delicately as every single moment is precious, and you won’t be getting them back ever again.

First Impression For Your Wedding Video


A documentary-style coverage of the wedding scenes

Documentary coverage of the wedding day with candid shots will make your video look real and alive. It would contain elements wherein the scenes won’t be appearing scripted and meant only for the shoot of the video. You may choose to tell everyone to behave naturally, and the snaps would be taken just like that!

Besides, it makes things appear natural, and the true essence seems to be captured in the lens. It is one of the most typical kinds of Indian videography, and you may always prefer to get it done likewise. Another amazing thing in this regard is that a natural video will relive your wedding day once again when you watch it years after. The emotions remain strong in such videos, and that’s the beauty of them.

A quirky video

The best thing about a quirky video is that you get the provision of capturing the real essence of the wedding occasion. From that of the bridesmaids dancing and flirting with the groom to that of the bride giggling with her maidens, everything would appear really amazing! Going for a quirky video has always been a trend among the Indians, and you too can opt for the same.

Moreover, this quirky video will enclose all the original vibes in the photographs and videos, and you will remember all the naughtiness that you and your fellow mates did, years later. Also, you can include the entire family to participate in the fun!

The perfect love story with emotions

A wedding would never be complete without a pool of emotions. If you are wondering how to make a YouTube intro, you can always take some inspiration from the social media and YouTube videos created by some of the popular creators. This video with emotions will give you a perfect blend of the love story.

Also, you can incorporate some narratives, as well as ask your videographer to capture some of the most emotional moments and sentiments during the wedding day. It is sure to be a great idea, and if things are put right, you will fall in love with your wedding video all over again. Thus, bring the nostalgia, and put those multiple clips all tied up together to create that perfect blend.

Comedy with chic

If you have a crazy family, it is always better to uphold the originality in your video as well. You are living this life for yourself, and thus, the best idea is to be yourself. Have fun all through, make faces, exaggerate your expressions and keep dancing as if no one is watching you.

You can also ask all your friends and family members not to pose in front of the lens, but to remain themselves and you will have the perfect lub-dub video filled with all the craziness. It will also give a hint of happiness and hope to your video, thus, giving you the perfect creation altogether.

A fairytale wedding

Not everyone is that lucky to have a fairytale love story, but you are one of them, consider bringing that essence in your wedding video as well. A fairytale wedding needs a lot of that ‘boy meets the girl’ kind of shots and a proper narrative explaining how the two fell in love with each other.

Thus, put those small clips together and stitch them to produce that perfect video. The most significant thing in this kind of video is to have a proper costume and a piece of perfect music being played in the background. In case you want to go for a couple of dances, ask your choreographer to put a few graceful moves.

Pro tips to consider:

·   A drone is a mandate these days. If you have a decent budget, and you aren’t aware of how to plan things, going for a drone capture is one of the best ideas. It gives a total view of your wedding ambience and captures some awesome shots that your photographer and videographer on the floor might have missed otherwise!

·     Release a couple of teaser videos on social media among your friends and family members before you actually release the final video. It would add the curiosity within them to watch your full-framed video. Let them wait till its release.

·    If you are one of those who prefer to remain active on Instagram, go for Boomerang as well, since they have become quite popular these days. The best way to seek attention through these kinds of videos is to highlight the main day with some chic and glamour.

Also, consider creating your final content the way you wanted to customize in your own way. One of the best ideas to do so is to have a pro video maker such as InVideo. It will allow you to prepare your wedding video with the right kind of effects and colors. Also, you can add some hue according to the surrounding ambience, as well as add rock-solid music to match the sequels.


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