February 26, 2024

The Art of Pairing Stockings with Pakistani Traditional Attire



The Pakistani traditional attire is so versatile with a beautiful appearance that it can be paired with anything you want. Many people pair it with stockings in Pakistan. Since the 1590s, stockings have been a fashion staple. Stockings, which first appeared as undergarments during the colonial era, are now a necessary accessory for different purposes. The world of stockings has seen seasons of changes and variations in tandem with periodic shifts in trends. They may be worn under skater skirts, long dresses, and even undershorts. They should absolutely be on your list of wardrobe essentials. In this blog, we will discuss pairing stockings with the Pakistani attire.

What are Stockings and their types?

Stockings are tight-fitting, elasticated clothes that cover the leg from the foot up to the knee or potentially part or all of the thigh. They are also referred to as hose, particularly in historical contexts. The color, pattern, and transparency of stockings vary. These days, most people wear stockings in Pakistan for fashion and aesthetics, generally paired with short or mid-length skirts.

Types Of Stockings In Pakistan

There are unlimited types of stockings in Pakistan. Here is the list of different stockings with a brief description.

  • Demi-toe Stockings

Stockings with a reinforced toe that are half as long on top as they are at the bottom. As a result, the reinforcement just covers the tips of the toes rather than the entire toe. These might have a reinforced heel or not.

  • Denier Stockings

A garment’s sheerness increases with a decreasing denier number. Higher denier yarns produce stockings that are often less sheer but more robust.

  • Fishnet Stockings

Widely open stockings knitted to resemble a fishnet.

  • Fencenet Stockings

A fishnet-like structure with a far broader design. Occasionally, they are worn over another pair of opaque or matte pantyhose or stockings.

  • Football Stockings

usually knee-length, composed of thick, robust synthetic fabric or heavy cotton.(8)

  • Full Fashioned Stockings

Fully fashioned stockings are made by knitting the material flat, cutting it, and sewing the two sides together along the back. Up to the 1960s, fully fashioned stockings were the most common trend.

  • Stay-ups Stockings

Stay-ups stockings are also known as hold-ups in British English, are stockings kept up by elastic bands that are stitched in (often a broad lace band at the top). They’re called thigh-highs in the US.

  • Knee Highs Stockings

Stockings that end at or slightly below the knee are referred to as knee highs. Also referred to as socks, trouser socks, or half-stockings.

  • Matte Stockings

Stockings with a finish that is lackluster or bland. A mock seam is a fake seam that is sewn into a seamless stocking’s back.

  • Heels without reinforcement

Stockings with a nude heel. That is there is no covering of stockings on the area of heal.

  • Opaque Stockings

Stockings with yarn (often 40 denier or more) that give the impression of being heavier and give an opaque appearance.

  • Point Heel Stockings

A point heel is a heel where the reinforced portion finishes in the shape of a triangle on a fully fashioned stocking.

  • Open-toed

Stockings with a piece that passes between the first and second toes to keep them down, stopping at the base of the toe. They go well with open-toed shoes, especially when your toes are well-groomed.

What Is The Pakistani Attire And How Stockings Can Be Paired With It?

The national clothing of Pakistan is the shalwar kameez, Achkan sherwani, and Kurta shalwar kameez, which are worn by both men and women in Azad Kashmir and all five of the country’s provinces: Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Loose pants are referred to as shalwar, while shirts are known as kameez. While at weddings mostly the groom wears sherwani and the bride wears lehnga. Stockings in Pakistan are paired with this dress code in multiple ways.

When it comes to discussing pairing stockings with Pakistani dresses, it appears to be a very unique combination. It gives a new look to the whole dress or outfit. Let’s look deeply into different combos of stockings and Pakistani attire.

  • Choosing The Good Colour

Coulrs have always been impactful. So choose wisely. Always go for a neutral color that gives you a more elegant look with the shalwar kameez. You can choose black, beige, cream, skin and brown color. These colors are not vibrant ones.

  • Choosing According To The Occasion

You can wear embroidered or fancy stockings for a formal gathering. There is a huge variety that you can choose to wear for a party or any other function. Like fishnet or fully fashioned ones.

And don’t forget to choose the ones that will match your shalwar kameez. You can match stockings with the embroidery or color of your dress.

If you are an athlete you can choose simple stockings that are just below knees. With your sports dress you can wear them easily.

  • Choose What You Like

It is more important than what you prefer. It is not always necessary to follow the fashion trends. Because sometimes the fashion trends don’t go with the personality you have. Mostly it is seen that people look elegant in what they like for themselves. Just make a good pairing of stockings with your attire to give a beautiful look.


Pakistan is a versatile country with multiple cultural values and traditions. Similarly, its attire is also of great worth and value. Mostly people wear simple shalwar kameez here. But this attire is customized according to the occasion and weather. As Pkaistan has changing weathers, i.e. almost 4 weathers in a year. Different experiments can be done with the Pakistani attire. Stockings in Pakistan are liked by many people. Byut not all the people wear them. Now the trend is changing and people have started pairing stockings with their attire. Mostly the kids and athletes wear stockings but now girls have also starteed to have them. So this pairing is appreciated by majority. This is the reason now there is versatile variety of stockings present in Pakistan.


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