May 30, 2024
Content Marketing Strategy

Should You Include Blogging into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Having a business blog is a common practice these days. Among other marketing solutions, every top business has a blog. Whether it is a Cred or a Zerodha, you will see they have resources that tap into their thought leadership and talk to their customers about recent stories, possible solutions, and pain points.

Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to answer this question – whether you should have blogging as a content marketing strategy, then the single word answer is, YES! You should blog, not just for your customers, but also to make your business easily visible on search engines.

However, Our SEO Consultancy Services suggest even before your blog appears in your customer’s search results, it is essential to identify the one-point goal and figure out how you want to achieve it.

Here, we will take you through the top reasons why you should have a blog and how you can incorporate blogging into your content strategy.


So, Why Do You Need a blog?

As a business owner, asking this question is fundamental, and knowing the purpose of the goal is the right way to get started with your marketing. So, here’s what a blog does or lets you do:

  1. Helps Boost Business Visibility

This is just the point we discussed earlier that a blog can help boost your visibility on search engines. A good blog post with all the optimization strategies can help you rank higher on search engines.

To ensure you attain this goal, you will first need to tap into your potential customer’s intent, when they are searching for the key phrase on a search engine. Then, when you write a good number of articles of excellent quality and make sure you cover all the answers, you will get the visibility you wish to attain.

  1. Lets You Share Information with Potential Customers

It is crucial that your customers know about your business, the solutions you offer, and the pain points you promise to solve. Sometimes, the customers aren’t aware that they need a product. Your blog posts, if crafted right, can help them realize their need for the solution you have and encourage them to complete the purchase.

With blogs, you can make them understand how your product helps them and the different solutions you offer. It essentially educates your customers.

  1. Allows You to Establish Your thought Leadership

As part of your content marketing strategy, a blog can help you connect with your target audience at a deeper level. For instance, if a new bill is proposed to be released or there is a change in the socio-political environment, you can tell the audience how it will impact their business. These articles can help you gain more viewership, visits, and even credibility, which can eventually boost your business.

Lastly, blogs help increase visits and get you more qualified leads that your sales team can crack and convert into customers.

Now, How to Create a Blog Strategy?

A blog content strategy is about setting the right goals, tracking the exact metrics, and refining your system to ensure you meet your goals. So, here’s what you do:

#1 Set the Goals

What do you want to achieve with your blog content? Do you want to increase your business visibility online? Do you wish to gain more visits to your website? Do you want to improve your online credibility?

Ask yourself these questions before you start creating the content. For instance, if you aim to educate your customers and tell them how valuable your product is, your strategy will depend on this goal.

Similarly, your goal might be to increase your brand’s online visibility and let more people know about your brand. But, again, identifying the purpose is the key to a successful strategy.

#2 Define Your Metrics for Success

How would you know if your blog content was successful? If your goal is visibility, it would mean more people viewing the blog post, spending time reading through the post, and clicking the call to action.

There are different metrics for various goals. However, it is essential to measure these metrics to attain success with your blog content marketing strategy.

Some of the commonly measured metrics include time spent, month-on-month traffic, and backlink growth.

#3 Focus on Search Intent and Keyword Analysis

It is essential to identify the right keywords for blog creation. Then, try identifying the intent behind the searches made using these key phrases. You want to know more about the target audience, their purpose behind online searches, and how they consume content before you start writing for them.

Try defining the personas, the keywords they are most likely to search with, and the journey of your potential reader, before you start writing. These would help you deliver quality content.


All in all, adding a blog to your content marketing strategy is crucial to establishing credibility and trust among potential customers. Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, a good blogging strategy requires you to stay consistent. It is important to deliver high-quality and educational posts regularly so that you drive more customers to your business and add more value to their lives.


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