January 27, 2023
How do you find XUR

Find XUR This Weekend And Check What He Has To Offer

Destiny players have been quite obsessive about XUR’s location and what he would offer this weekend. XUR has been the angel when it comes to Destiny players serving the gamers like a Santa to provide them with all the equipment to ace the game and attain victory. He is available on Friday’s but where to find him is a question that has been bugging the gamers ever since the game has been hyped and trended.

How do you find XUR

There is usually a marker that typically shows his route and exact location while also revealing all the items in his kitty. This special vendor is a remarkable phenomenon that has thrilled the players extremely to be a part of the game and perennially intrigued to know the “Where is XUR?” How to find him every week is one enigmatic question that will be replied to eventually as the D-day appears and unfolds the mystery to all our satisfaction.

Before we scrutinize his direction or his location, let us first get to know what is XUR for people who stumble upon the character for the first time.

Who is XUR?

Destiny 2 is branded game that has been popularized as the first-born shooter game to have attained fame. It has been quite a phenomenon amongst the masses for the context it hosts and intriguing factors it emanates. XUR is a special vendor who is the part of the game who has to his credit some weapons and armours to aid the players for victory. The characters in the game are guardians and he comes to the rescue of these guardians by positioning himself in the solar system with needed equipment to help the characters/guardians. Sometimes he also helps the players regain the lost life or weapons of the proceeding game to resurrect the characters back to life.

How do you find XUR?

This is the burning question for the gamers as his location has always been a mystery to the players. It provokes some curiosity in the players who are constantly in search of XUR to fill their kitties in order to smoothen the prospect of their game. He shows up at 10 am on Fridays, but his location kind of changes with every passing week and season. Every time you attempt at tracking his location, he moves strategically to some other location giving us the thrill of finding him to our merry.

He will be available on EDZ in the landing zone where he is heading north of the cliffside. He would be positioned on the top of the cliffside and our access to him would happen by jumping up to his side. He would come bearing gifts as expected with exotic weapons to suit the needs of the players.

Track him to know exactly where he would be placed and finally pin your access to that place to get what you want.

Weapons he usually carries:

He is known as a vendor who helps the gamers overcome their weakness providing them with what they lag. The weapons he usually carries are required for the fulfilment of the game and in dire need of the players who look out for victory.

Telesto 29 Shards: This is a rifle that gets stuck with the enemies and explodes to banish them. The players enable a strategy to tether this weapon on the enemy so as to get rid of him in a prospective fight.

Winter’s Guile: Getting rid of the enemy with a mere smack or punch is quite the effective way to lead to victory. These are gloves when worn turn your hands into a weapon which gives the power to smash the opponent with full force completely eliminating him on your ride to victory.

Bombardiers: These are for the escapists who try to evade by placing explosives. They are the boots that position explosives on the places where it is rolled and quickly activates as you move away. When you are in a hard chase caught in the sight of an enemy, this can effectively help you escape him from your path.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides (Titan): This shields you from any unexpected strike while you are on a wild chase to evade getting trapped. Even if you crash somewhere, the energy lifeline gets activated with this shield in place.


This is one of the brilliant games which has gained the traction of millions of players. The location of XUR is one deserving mystery where players get their due accessories to equip themselves with armours to fight the game. XUR location every week becomes a thrilling mystery decoded for people to fodder their curiosity. Waiting eagerly for his next upcoming location and forthcoming seasons to track him in his right spot to get what he offers.


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