July 24, 2024
Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Best Providers for Internet and Phone Bundles

Ever since copper wires became an integral part of transmitting phone calls between households and workplaces, it took nearly a century for us to deliver alternative means to owning a landline phone and it was all through the progress of technology. Nowadays, many communication service providers offer you a variety of means to communicate perfect to communicate households across our nation. With the advent of cable wires and fiber optic lines, the playing field has changed dramatically. We know have tons of option available to us all because cellular technology has also shaped how people communicate nowadays across the globe. However, by the end of the day, it all comes down to what is the best and most suitable option for you to acquire, so here is a breakdown for your benefit so that it can aid you in making an informed and better decision.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Functioning as a licensed operator, MVNO does not own their wireless network infrastructure but offer you phone services by purchasing access to a bulk of network services from a mobile network operator and offers them to you at retail prices. Here are some of the best offers and their service providers:

Consumer Cellular

In operations since 1995, it is an American postpaid MVNO. Focused on delivering phone services for the seniors of our society. Their basic plan offers you 250 minutes of call time at $15/month, while their basic data and text message plans start from $5/month for 250MB along with unlimited texts.

Red Pocket Mobile

With an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, this American owned company offers you contract-free mobile phone and internet service across the nation’s best 4 networks including GSMA, CDMA, CDMAS, & GSMT. Their basic plan begins at $10/month offering 500 minutes of call time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of LTE data.   

US Mobile

A telecommunications service provider that captures the market for users with low usage habits, their lowest plan offers you 100 minutes of call time for $3 per month. Add that with 100 text messages for $2 per month along with 100 MB of data for another $2 per month and you have a deal totaling $9 per month, which includes an additional $2 as service charges.

Landline Bundles   

This service is especially for those who are looking forward to a lot of savings as there might be some cell phone users who would like to avail the offers mentioned here since bundling your packages does amount to a good discount by the end of each year. So let us look at some of the best ones, which are available out there:

Charter Spectrum

Being the second-largest cable service provider in the nation Spectrum offers its state-of-the-art services in 44 states reaching over 102 million customers. The company offers highly affordable packages so that customers of every income bracket can stay connected to the world without any problem. Currently, Spectrum is offering three bundle packages, which include Spectrum Select triple play, Spectrum Silver triple play, and Spectrum Silver double play. All these packages come loaded with internet speeds as high as 100 Mbps, unlimited nationwide phone calls, and  a plethora of cable TV channels. So, people who are looking for all three services in a single plan can sign up for this service and pay one small bill every month rather than paying several larger bills to different companies.

AT&T Internet & Phone

One of the largest networks out there supporting nearly every MVNO, plus mega and mass coverage is the name of this service provider. Home phone plan is at $25 per month with unlimited nationwide calling, bundle that up with TV and internet, and you get 145 channels along with 3Mbps of internet speeds at $54.99 per month.

Frontier Communications

Frontier home phone starts with $27.99 per month for unlimited nationwide calling. Their triple bundle service offers you more than 190 channels for your TV, which includes Netflix, and internet speeds of up to six Mbps at a total of $112.97 per month. Their phone service however includes digital phone service, which is an added advantage.

Therefore, this is our breakdown of the available and most feasible services for your communication over the home phone. We strongly recommend that you select the service, which offers coverage for your area and deliver superb customer service. That is all for today, stay tuned for more interesting updates.


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