February 26, 2024
As A Plumber, You Should Know How To Fix Valves!

As A Plumber, You Should Know How To Fix Valves!

With the advancement in modern-day plumbing technology, there is an ever-evolving revolution in plumbing techniques. When it comes to valves, solenoid proportional valves are one of the unique instruments used today. As a plumber, you should know how to install these valves. With that, you should also know how to fix different problems associated with the maintenance of these mechanical equipment. This will help you get hands-on experience with your skills.

In the article below, we will entail some reasons why you should have the know-how of installing and maintaining solenoid valves.


Proportional Solenoid Valves: Best Mechanical Equipment

Out of the different types of solenoid valves, proportional solenoid valves are the best type. And as a professional plumber, you must always recommend installing this valve. It is not like a traditional solenoid valve that is just on and off according to the user’s choice. A solenoid valve can automatically adjust the flow of the water depending on the electrical pulse it receives.

The valve will make the plumbing network very smart and that can be controlled with minimal effort.

As a plumber, you should familiarize yourself with these kinds of valves for several reasons including:


You should refer to installing a proportional solenoid valve for your clients because this is how they can optimize their water usage on a daily basis. This is how your clients can reduce their water utilities and save a lot on a monthly basis.


You can install proportional solenoid valves anywhere. Whether you need to install them in-house or in a warehouse, its functionality is outstanding. It automates your water or fluid flow which reduces human efforts a lot.


There is a minute chance of any wear and tear to the proportional valve. This is because of the durability of the material used in manufacturing the valve. It also increases the lifespan of the valve.

Diversifying the Flow: Proportional Flow Control Valve

As a professional plumber, you should also consider the importance of a flow control valve. This mechanical device is quite similar in operation to the proportional solenoid valve. The main focus of the equipment is also to regulate the flow of the liquid flowing through it.

Installing these valves in the plumbing network ensures:

Best Flow Rate:

Proportional flow control valves come in very handy where the need to adjust water pressure is worth considering. It can automatically adjust the flow by either increasing or decreasing the pressure in the valve.

Safety Guaranteed:

Sometimes, there are some systems where sudden gushes can be seen in the water. In this condition, using proportional solenoid valves can help adjust the circumstances.

Related Information:

The design and operation of a solenoid-operated pinch valve set it apart from other types of valves. This valve does not make use of a disk or a gate to regulate the flow. It has a rubber sleeve that can be pinched as necessary. The following is a description of this valve for the benefit of plumbers:

  • The solenoid operated pinch valve can be utilized in particular contexts due to the fact that it is very helpful for slurries as well as liquids that contain suspended solids.
  • Maintenance is made much easier because there are fewer moving parts and the design is straightforward.

Last Words:

If you want to shine like a diamond in the field of professional plumbing, you need to thoroughly understand the types of different solenoid valves and their operation. These mechanical valves not only ensure safety or other benefits as aforementioned, but they also help you overcome the issues of installing and maintaining this equipment.

We hope the following article was a helpful read for you. Start your career with a professional plumbing career. Make your business shine like a start and win the trust of your clients by providing them with the best plumbing services from now on.


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