June 16, 2024

Guide To Buying Mobile On EMI Without A Credit Card?

You’ve been waiting for ages to buy your new mobile phone. You’ve finally saved up some amount and you’re ready to purchase. Or maybe you’re still short on money, but you desperately need that phone. Now, you aren’t big on credit cards, or you probably don’t trust yourself enough to handle it.

All this isn’t going to wane your desperation for a new phone though. Yet, you can’t take the EMI route without the help of a credit card. Or can you? As such, we have prepared a small guide on how to get mobiles on EMI without a credit card


1. Find An Online Platform

The internet era has led to a surge of platforms that strives to make your online shopping life easier for you. Sites like ZestMoney allows its signed users to shop for products such as mobile phones using their debit card. They can subscribe to EMI schemes while relying on their debit card. 

The technology provider pays the entire price of the phone to the seller on behalf of you. In your case, you only have to make the down payment to the seller first and then eventually, the EMI amounts. In other words, these companies provide you a loan instead of the bank itself. 

For ZestMoney and some other sites, If you play your cards right, you don’t even have to pay any interest amount to these sites. As they are by following specific shopping sites, you only have to pay EMI amounts for over a period of time without incurring an extra cost. 

The approval process is also quick in this case, so you don’t have to test your already wavering patience. They take a working day at most to approve of your application. The user is asked to make down payment only after they’ve been approved. 

Naturally, the first step of the process is to find an online platform that allows you this facility. Thoroughly sort through different online platforms that provide EMI options without a credit card. Settle on the one which suits your financial status the most. 

2. Sign Up

Once you have identified your site, the next steps are too easy. Sign up on the platform with your phone number or your google account. The site will ask for you to upload your KYC documents. 

If you haven’t done your KYC yet, do so now. There are plenty of offline and online options available for completing your KYC. You can go to a registrar’s office or an AMC office and ask for the KYC form. 

Fill it up and submit it back along with the required documents. Alternatively, you can use online platforms like Paytm to complete your KYC by linking the account with aadhar card. Afterward, you can either ask for someone from KYC office to come to visit your home and verify it. 

Or you can visit the KYC center to complete the last step. 

After you’ve uploaded your KYC document, the online platform will check whether they consider you creditworthy. You will get the confirmation in less than a day.

3. Final Step

Congrats! You are now creditworthy according to the site. You can upload your debit card information so that automatic repayments are activated. You will also be provided with a credit limit to make sure you don’t go overboard. Now, you are eligible to shop on credit across all partner sites of the online platform.

 Don’t forget to make an initial down payment too. It makes you look more trustworthy and it’s easier for the site to provide you with a credit limit. 

Check out the partner sites of the credit platform you have signed upon. You will find different types of phones, furniture and anything else you want. 

Of course, if you are looking for credit options, you have probably already decided on a phone you want to buy. Select the phone and order it. You will find that the purchase has been converted into the EMI scheme. 

In other words, the money will be deducted from your wallet on a monthly basis according to the rules of the scheme. 


You don’t need to follow the steps into these exact order. You can make a purchase first and then sign up on the online platform too. 

However, it’s best for safety purpose that you check your credit score before carelessly purchasing something. We understand the desire for something you want desperately, but a day-long wait isn’t that bad, is it? 

Once you’ve completed all these steps, well, wait for your phone to arrive. Enjoy your new phone that isn’t lagging every second or has so many cracks across the screen that you can’t watch a video without wanting to throw it!

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