June 1, 2023
Leaflet Distribution for Your Food Business in NZ

5 Essentials of Leaflet Distribution for Your Food Business in NZ

The market size of cafes and restaurants in New Zealand grew by over 0.7% over the past year. Entrepreneurs in the food industry can leverage growth opportunities by employing the best marketing strategies and techniques.

Food businesses have been marketing offers via leaflets for the past two decades. Experts specializing in leaflet distribution in NZ can help you design and create the perfect leaflets for your business.

Leaflet Distribution for Your Food Business in NZ


Focus on Target Audience

Like any advertisement tool, leaflets should also focus on the target audience. A clear understanding of the customer segment and customer tastes and preferences is crucial when designing leaflets. For instance, if eggetarians, vegans, and vegetarians are part of your potential customer pool, then you may consider adding unique points that can appeal to these customers in the leaflets.

Food business entrepreneurs should also consider digital influencers such as food bloggers, chefs, and online cooking coaches while creating leaflets. These influencers can add intrinsic value to the business.

Brand Name and Contact Information

Branding is a significant pointer that cannot be avoided while designing leaflets. A food business, irrespective of its scale, is looking to grow. Showcasing your brand name helps accomplish the goal, especially if you plan to expand.

The leaflets should mention the brand name and the logo. These elements are usually printed in big fonts on the front page. Catchy taglines and slogans can help make the leaflet look more captivating. You could also consider including pictures of the delicious dishes you serve on the leaflets. The leaflets should also mention the location and the address of the business.

Optimal Size 

The size of the leaflet is a vital consideration. The leaflets shouldn’t be too large to handle or too small to decipher. A6 and A5 are the popular size preferences across New Zealand.

You could customize your leaflets in different shapes. For instance, a pizza business may have leaflets in the shape of pizza where each slice would showcase varieties and customizations available.


The material you use for the leaflets is important for more than one reason. It could even influence the mode of distribution. Leaflets sent out as flyers are different from leaflets sent out via post. The paper quality and thickness requirements will be different for both.

Businesses often use cardboard or other thick material for leaflet distribution in NZ. The material you choose should align with customer preferences. For instance, a paper-free locality would be more interested in organic leaflets which are biodegradable.

Discounts and Offers 

 Leaflets are tools that grab the attention of the customers. Adding information on discounts and offers will add more value to the leaflets. Ensure that the discounts and offers are highlighted, visible and easy to scan. You could also include information on whether the discounts and offers are current or upcoming.

It is a common practice to offer discounts during festival seasons. For example, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are grand New Zealand celebrations. Leaflets you send out during the festivals should include details of festival sales, offers, unique theme dishes you plan to serve on those days, etc.

Final Thought

Even though the digital era has brought significant changes in marketing directions and techniques, leaflets remain relevant. Leaflets have a strict marketing purpose and are considered informative and valuable.


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