*Most Corrupted leader in AP* Who Is Corruption King In Andhra Pradesh?

Who is corruption king in Andhra Pradesh? People of Andhra have elected YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as their designated Chief Minister in the span of 2019 – 2024. Now they have been blazed with the google results for the query “Most Corrupted leader in AP”.

Who Is Corruption King In Andhra Pradesh

With the help of the internet, You’ve can get any information related to math or unknown subject within a fraction of second. Google – A search engine which is widely famous for its enormous search features is the most widely used search engine all across the globe.

Recently a user has searched a query on google “Corruption King In Andhra Pradesh” made a shocking result. The designated CM of Andra Pradesh state has been violated in these results.

*Most Corrupted leader in AP* Who Is Corruption King In Andhra Pradesh?

Corruption King in Andhra Pradesh

Although the Judistriction and the federal courts have to decide this, Google being the Keyword Searched has to be aware of these fake results. Recently Former Prime minister of India “Narendra Modi” was listed in the criminal search of google results.

Upon this, BJP leaders won the federal case and made Google to say Sorry. In the same sense Google apologized that there was some programming error relate to those kinds of search results. And also said that numerous search queries were made on PM’s Crime and related keywords, SO the image appeared on the first page.

Now, After being warned, Google has repeatedly made the same issue. This news is now spreading in viral on all the social media platforms.


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